#AprilTTRPGmaker What’s your brand?

130175-thumb140I don’t know what my brand is really. It’s probably very different depending who you ask – since the gaming world is as polarised as everything else in the world these days.

To some I guess my brand is sophomoric humour, sleaze and what they see as reactionary ‘conservatism’ – which is an odd accusation to level at a left-anarchist. They think I’m part of some sort of exclusionary or bigoted ‘old school’.

To others I’m one face of a ‘resistance’ movement against the kind of people who have the first opinion. Someone who fights and argues back.

I don’t really fit into either group. I see myself as someone who supports free expression and the right of everyone to make whatever kind of game they damn well please. This can set me against people on extremes in either direction, as – apparently – does my lack of commitment to either wishy-washy, indie/narrative games or heavy, simulationist games.

I’m an independent who does their own thing and chafes under constriction of any kind. That’s my brand. Regardless of what anyone else thinks. I’m interested in interesting ideas – which often means controversial ones – and my ‘jams’ are horror, science fiction, sex and transgression.

So if you like an independent, free-thinker behind your games (though I think games should be judged on their own merits) that’s me.

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