#RPG – #My30DayWorld – How Prevalent is Magic, Where does it Come From?

742887-maxx017Given the background of the setting, magic has had a strong, powerful effect on the world but is relatively rare in people. I also want to make magic more universal, without dividing it into the typical categories of ‘arcane’ and ‘divine’. Magic is – then – something more like a natural force, something closer to the concept of ‘quintessence’ from the White Wolf game Mage: The Ascension, a measure of the ‘stuff’ and raw potential of reality which can be manipulated by certain people to cast spells, create artefacts and alter reality…

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#AprilTTRPGmaker What are yer dreams and plans?

nightmareGet well so I can do anything.

Past that…

I have lots of plans and ideas, but I’m trying not to focus on them since it all brings home how little I’m mentally and emotionally able to accomplish right now. Despite that, here’s the things I want to do…

  • Continue to support Gor with products and adventures.
  • Crowdfund a horror/dark fantasy setting in an undead-infested prison-city.
  • Finish my trio of post apocalyptic survival games.
  • New edition of Blood!
  •  New edition of Agents of SWING
  • Machinations of the Space Princess Companion
  • Fantasy setting using the Machinations of the Space Princess rules.

I would also like to transition into writing more fiction and into working more on computer games, providing world-building and writing services.