#RPG – Sarkeesian at Gencon? Wat!?

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#Gamergate Book Crowdfunder

InsideGG.jpgGamergate was many things to many people, depending on their perspective. For some it was a harassment campaign, even terrorism, for others a key fight for ethics, against censorship.

Sadly the prior view had all the mainstream attention and is likely to be the only point of view that will go into the long term record.

It’s important, for posterity, to present and record the other side.

I was part of Gamergate. I want to tell it’s own story. I want to correct the record.


Impure Thoughts

hentbannedcoverCensorship’s a topic that is always on my mind as I’ve been subjected to corporate and social censure over writing and design involving sex and politics.
Over the past 5-10 years the source of censorship has been coming from what you might call the ‘regressive left’, people who are also called ‘Social Justice Warriors’ (The ‘W’ indicating extremism, the ‘W’ makes the difference between the Labour Party and Mao’s Red Guard).
The backlash against that has been good in some ways, socially, if not politically or economically, but we now seem to be entering an even more dangerous era. Even as the SocJus puritans double down in protest against the rise of the right wing (ironically, further aiding the right wing into ascendancy) that right wing itself now seems to think it’s their turn to crack the whip and to dictate to people what they can say or do.
tumblr_mucy741ikd1qf427ko9_r2_1280Newspapers here just doxxed an – admittedly nasty – far right Vlogger, putting him in physical danger. The government is beefing up our already ludicrous libel laws and putting the screws on local newspapers as well as censoring and controlling internet access via scaremongering about pornography and human trafficking.
Discrimination threatens to become protected by law in the USA (and that’s a complex knot of ethics to untangle) and there are rumblings from the old evangelical right about ‘moral degeneracy’ and ‘think of the children’.
Now, I think, it’s more important than ever that both creators and consumers reassert their belief in free expression and resist the siren call of ‘I’m offended’. When we don’t like something, we can just not buy/rent/read/consume it. That’s not so hard.

#RPG – I’d do what I Whilt, but you Won’t let me

I’ve been seeing some regressive attitudes toward making and selling rpgs recently! “Too many games dilute the industry,” “you shouldn’t sell a game below a certain level of production,” whatever. Butts to that. Pep talk.

You make a game, you get together with your friends, you sell your games to each other, you sell them online, you give them away, you play them, you don’t play them, it’s a fun time. It’s a perfectly good social leisure activity and I’d recommend it to anybody who thinks they might enjoy it.

There’s no boss of it. You don’t need a license, you don’t need to submit an application, you don’t need to join a league. You are the president of the united states of making and selling your games! You ran unopposed and won in a landslide.

You’ll find, though, even so, that sometimes someone will try to tell you what you should and shouldn’t create, and what you should and shouldn’t sell. They’re wrong. They don’t know what you should do! That’s just what they want you to do.

They’re asking you for a favor and they aren’t even gracious or self-aware enough to say please.

Vincent Baker recently posted this on social media. The part I’ve highlighted makes me livid. Not Vincent, to the best of my recollection, but a great many of the people commenting and re-sharing approvingly have been people that have made great effort to censor and remove games and content made by myself and others.

To see those words in their mouths is enraging and I’m going to quote them back at them at every opportunity.

I will create what I want. Get the fuck out of my way and stop being such hypocrites.

#RPG – Hentacle Censored on Onebookshelf Sites

TL;DR version – Hentacle has been taken down from OBS sites after what appears to be a malicious report. I plan to give it away, soliciting donations, some of which will go to the Darkzel scholarship fund.

Also, we need a new, alternative sales platform.