#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: The End


Well that about wraps that up! I hope you’ve enjoyed Starfinder Month here on the blog. If you think you might be interested in seeing me give Starfinder a more full re-working for Machinations of the Space Princess, let me know. Also let me know what other RPGs you think might be worth giving some love to another month!



#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Deities

The Data Twins: Kecc and Roffle



Avatar of Schadenfreude

CE god of data, networks, hacking, pranks and cruelty.

Centres of Worship: QuadFreq bulletin board, black market relays and darknet sites.

Symbol: A golden frog

The advent of cheap and readily available communications technology changed society on every world and, for a rareified few who could afford or steal interplanetary communication bandwidth, on that scale too. There were benefits – of course – to the sciences, to the study of magic and to businesses, not to mention the ability of people to organise and make their voice heard easily, but there was also a dark side.

People were mean when they didn’t have to face the consequences of their antisocial behaviour and the more people who were communicating the more opportunity there was for scamming, confidence tricks, intimidation, hacking, spying and laughing at people’s expense.

The collective darkness that gathered in the deepest, nastiest recesses of mass communication gradually took on a spiritual nature suited to the massed minds that fed it. A cold, damp, grotesque being that most envision as some sort of squat, amphibian creature.

Mystics of Keck are most commonly Akashic or Mindbreakers.



Avatar of Sharing

CN god of data, networks, sharing, humour and data piracy.

Centers of Worship: Public network channels, grey market relays and media centres.

Symbol: A smiling face

While Keck was bubbling up from the shadows, Roffle descended from the light. The positive side of the data networks was everywhere as well, people sharing the joy in their lives, jokes, stories and pictures. This spirit of sharing and happiness manifested in the form of Roffle, a smiling, felinoid being of laughter and good humour – but with no respect for boundaries or legality.

Where Keck is malicious, Roffle is capricious, ever-changing, giving and taking with equal measure but always, always laughing.

Mystics of Roffle tend to be Akashic or Empaths.

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Psibernetics


Art by Maciej Kuciara

Psibernetic prosthesis use synthetic synapses and hardware to convert energy into raw magic and then to channel it through a number of pre-loaded chips to produce magical effects. There is no truth to the persistent rumours that this technology depends on harvesting nervous tissue from magic-capable androids.

Fitting a psibernetic prosthesis uses your Brain and Spinal Column systems and is made up of two parts.

Part One: The Psibernetic Processor (Brain)

  • Apprentice Processor: Level 2, Price 1000, Caster Level 2, Spell Slots 3, Maximum Spell Level 1.
  • Adept Processor: Level 5, Price 3000, Caster Level 5, Spell Slots 4, Maximum Spell Level 2.
  • Master Processor: Level 8, Price 10000, Caster Level 8, Spell Slots 5, Maximum Spell Level 3.

Part Two: The Psibernetic Converter (Spinal column)

  • Imp Converter: Level 2, Price 2000, Power Capacity 20.
  • Demon Converter: Level 5, Price 6000, Power Capacity 40.
  • Prince Converter: Level 8, Price 20000, Power Capacity 80.

Spell Chips

Cost and power-drain by Spell Level per Spell Chip (swapping chips in and out takes ten minutes per chip)

  • 0 – 10, 5 power.
  • 1 – 100, 10 power.
  • 2 – 4000, 20 power.
  • 3 – 90000, 30 power.

Spell Chip List

0: Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Energy Ray, Telepathic Message, Transfer Charge.

1: Comprehend Languages, Detect Radiation, Detect Tech, Flight, Identify, Jolting Surge, Keen Senses, Magic Missile, Overheat, Supercharge Weapon.

2: Caustic Conversion, Darkvision, Daze Monster, Fight, Fog Cloud, Knock, Logic Bomb, Microbot Assault, Recharge (yes, really).

3: Arcane Sight, Arcing Surge, Discharge, Dispel Magic, Entropic Grasp, Explosive Blast, Fight, Haste (self), Instant Virus, Irradiate, Probability Prediction, Resistant Armour (Lesser), Slow, Tongues.

#Starfinder: Starfinder Month: Integrated Systems Environment Armour


Art by Andrew Arzia

Integrated systems are an armament company based on the frozen moon of Gelida. Colonists there have had to deal with some of the harshest environments in the cosmos, but settled there to explore and to identify the life that exists beneath the icy crust. With every join and module a potential weakness, their environment suits are designed as a single whole with full integrated systems – efficient, but unable to be modified further.

ISEA Squad: Level 12, Cost 35000, EAC +17, KAC +13, Max Dex Bonus +7, Armour Check Penalty -, Speed Adjustment -, Upgrade Slots 0, Bulk L, Comes fitted with Gray Force Field, Mk 2 Thermal Capacitor, Radiation Buffer and Tensile Reinforcement.

ISEA Elite: Level 15, Cost 250000, EAC +20, KAC +16, Max Dex Bonus +8, Armour Check Penalty -, Speed Adjustment -, Upgrade Slots 0, Bulk L, Comes fitted with Green Force Field, Mk 2 Thermal Capacitor, Radiation Buffer & Tensile Reinforcement.

ISEA Specialist: Level 20, Price 2050000, EAC +24, KAC +20, Max Dex Bonus +9, Armour Check Penalty -, Speed Adjustment -, Upgrade Slots 0, Bulk L, Comes fitted with Prismatic Force Field, Mk 3 Thermal Capacitor, Radiation Buffer, Tensile Reinforcement, Backup Generator and Close Combat Computer (Ignore penalties to close combat attacks).

Prismatic Force Field 2 (2), Mk 3 Thermal Capacitor 1 (3), Radiation Buffer 1 (4), Tensile Reinforcement 1 (5), Backup Generator 1 (6), Close Combat Computer 1 (7)

IS Combat Picks

Primarily meant as an aid to climbing and capable of penetrating even Gelida’s super-dense ice, the IS Combat Picks have also become a weapon of choice for some special forces operatives and bounty hunters.

IS Combat Picks, Level 6, Cost 5000, Damage 1d4 P, Bulk L, Special: Analog, Penetrating, Bonus to climbing of +2/+3 (single/pair).

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month – MoshTec Armoury


Artist Kyoung Hwan Kim

MoshTec makes weapons and gear for those who want something a little different, a little more stylish, a little more individual. Their model, here, is kitted out with four pieces of popular MoshTec gear.

MoshTec Armburst

MoshTec Armbursts fit a weapon into your armour, leaving your hand free for other things (even holding an additional gun!). Basic sensors and motorised compensators help your aim stay true, despite the awkward placing of the gun! The devil makes work for idle hands, MoshTec makes guns for busy hands!

  • MoshTec Armburst Tactical: Level 1, Cost 750, Damage 1d6 P, Capacity 40, Usage 3, Bulk L, Special: Automatic, Armour Slots 1.
  • MoshTec Armburst Advanced: Level 7, Cost 15000, Damage 2d6 P, Capacity 60, Usage 3, Bulk L, Special: Automatic Armour Slots 1.
  • MoshTec Armburst Elite: Level 10, Cost 60000, Damage 3d6 P, Capacity 80, Usage 3, Bulk L, Special: Automatic, Armour Slots 1.
  • MoshTec Armburst Paragon: Level 13, 150000, Damage 4d6 P, Capacity 100, Usage 3, Bulk L, Special: Automatic, Armour Slots 1.

MoshTec VariMass Buster Sword

The MoshTec VariMass uses patented technology to decrease and increase the mass of your weapon depending on whether you are striking or using it. On a violent stroke it rapidly increases in mass, smashing through armour, cartilage and bone while, at rest, it is as light as a feather!

  • Asteroidal Buster Sword: Level 4, Cost 3000, Damage 2d6 S, Critical Knockdown, Bulk 1, Special: Powered, Capacity 20, Usage 2, Penetrating, Unwieldy
  • Planetary Buster Sword: Level 10, Cost 20000, Damage 3d12 S, Critical Knockdown, Bulk 1, Special: Powered, Capacity 20, Usage 2, Penetrating, Unwieldy
  • Stellar Buster Sword: Level 16, Cost 200000, Damage 6d12 S, Critical Knockdown, Bulk 1, Special: Powered, Capacity 20, Usage 2, Penetrating, Unwieldy
  • Singularity Buster Sword: Level 20, Cost 800000, Damage 12d12 S, Critical Knockdown, Bulk 1, Special: Powered, Capacity 20, Usage 2, Penetrating, Unwieldy

MoshTec Trans-Species Graft

MoshTec’s advanced bio-synthetic technology now allows you to graft the organs and other appendages of alien species to your own – even if you have incompatible biology or DNA! Simply buy the grafting gel (1500), find a qualified medic, locate a donor and cut and paste! Lagomorph ears here were donated and grafted to our human model, fitting her System: Ears and providing her with a +2 Racial Bonus to Perception rolls that involve hearing!

MoshTec Showskin

You spent all that money on fine clothes or high-tech tattoos, only to hide it all beneath heavy armour plating. What’s the point? MoshTec’s Showskin armour combines light, agile armour plating with a tensile, planar forcefield to provide you with constant protection, while still letting you show off your duds.

  • Showskin Raw: Level 2, Price 750, EAC +1, KAC +1, Max Dex -, Armour Penalty -, Upgrade Slots 1, Bulk L.
  • Showskin Bare: Level 6, Price 5000, EAC +4, KAC +4, Max Dex -, Armour Penalty -, Upgrade Slots 1, Bulk L.
  • Showskin Nude: Level 10, Price 17000, EAC +6. KAC +6, Max Dex -, Armour Penalty -, Upgrade Slots 1, Bulk L.
  • Showskin Stripped: Level 14, 60000, EAC +8, KAC +8, Max Dex -, Armour Penalty -, Upgrade Slots 1, Bulk L,
  • Showskin Naked: Level 18, 350000, EAC +10, KAC +10, Max Dex _, Armour Penalty -, Upgrade Slots 1, Bulk L.

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Buohteesian Galoboar, and Snark Turbiner


Art by Aaron McBride

Buohteesian Galoboar & Snark Turbiner

The galoboar is an enormous beast, much prized as prey for hunters on safari. The galoboar is a tough foe, covered in thick rubbery skin and bristly hairs which absorb impacts and burn off, absorbing energy fire. The galoboar’s tusks are valued for inlays and carving, its flesh for meat and its – prodigious – stink glands in the production of perfume. Only sanctioned hunting is currently permitted in order to maintain the galoboar’s numbers.

Buohteesian Galoboar CR 10
XP 9600
N Huge Animal
Init +0, Senses: Low-light vision, Perception +19

Defence: Hit Points 200
EAC 20 KAC 28
Fort +14, Ref +10, Will +13
Defensive Abilities: Stinking Aura (ex): (10 ft, DC 17 Fortitude) causes those afflicted to be sickened, Ferocity (ex): At zero hit points the creature can fight on for one more round.

Speed 40 ft
Melee Tusks +22 (2d12+18 P)
Wild Thrashing +19 (four attacks) (1d8+18)

Strength +8, Dexterity +0, Constitution +5, Intelligence -4, Wisdom +3, Charisma +0
Skills: Intimidation +24, Survival +19

Environment: Plains and grasslands.
Organisation: Solitary, Mated pair, Mother and 2d4 young.

The Snark Turbiner is a great vehicle for people on a budget. Designed as a simple to use transport and gunnery platform for hunters and safari tourists, it’s a relatively tough, no-nonsense machine that can put up with a good deal of abuse. It is, however, rather noisy and its heavy duty cargo arms cause a great deal of drag.

Snark Turbiner

Tier 1 Huge Vehicle
EAC 9, KAC 9, TL 8
Speed: 40 ft, full 400 ft, 75 mph, Manoeuvrability: Average, +0 Piloting, Turn 2
HP: 200, Hardness 10
Expansion Bays: Passenger Bay
Crew: Minimum Crew 1: Maximum Crew: 2, Passengers: Up to 16
Micron Superlight Powerplant, T8 Thrusters, Basic Computer, Budget short-range sensors, Manipulator arms (1d4 B damage).

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Path of the Necrotech


Art by B S

A very rough first pass of some ideas.

A Necrotech is a specialised version of the technomancer whose remit is ‘dead’ machines. Artificial intelligences and androids have a soul of the more conventional kind, but the necrotech has extended from this – through study – into the ‘machine spirits’ of lesser computers and machinery. They can recover lost data, bring broken machines back to life and weave fragments of corrupted programs into new applications.

You cast spells from the necrotech spell list, as a technomancer.

Magic Hacks
2nd Level: Weaponised Bug (Su): In place of Empowered Weapon you turn your weapon incorporial and can strike at incorporeal or undead enemies with a bonus to attack equal to the spell slot you use to enhance your weapon, in addition the weapon does 2d6 extra damage and can strike incorporeal targets.

5th Level: Necrobattery (Su): In place of Charging Jolt (Su) as a move action you can drain the life or electrical energy from a target to which you struck the death blow in the previous turn. You can recharge a weapon with a number of charges (or ammunition) from this occult energy, equal to the CR of the slain creature (minimum 1).

8th Level: Glitch (Su): In place of Mental Mark you can glitch an enemy who fails a Will save against one of your spells. They take a -2 penalty to attack and skill rolls for one round

14th Level: Dead Circuits (Su): In place of Spell Library you can carry around a severed robot head or motherboard and draw knowledge directly from its circuits. This provides you with a single skill, proficiency, special ability or feat from the creature you slew and decapitated (or removed the motherboard from).

Necrotech Spell List

0 Level
Dancing Lights
Detect Affliction
Detect Magic
*Scattershot: You can hurl a handful of scrap at an enemy doing damage as per Energy Ray, but as slashing, piercing or bludgeoning damage – your choice.
Ghost Sound
*Break: Touch an object or construct to do 1d4 hit points to it – this can be done in addition to melee attacks.
Psychokinetic Hand
*Drive Dump: This works as per Grave Words, but for broken computers, robots, machines (and androids).
Token Spell
Death Charge: By touching a destroyed entity or machine you can transfer one charge of latent energy from it into something else that you have that requires charges.

1st Level
Comprehend Languages
*Detect Data: As Detect Radiation, but it detects programs and data-caches, even if not currently operational, within 120 ft. You can even read this information – provided its not protected or locked down.
Detect Tech.
Hold Portal
Holographic Image
Jolting Surge
*Charm Construct: Make one (technological) construct creature believe that it is your ally.
*Command Machine: One robotic or technological device or creature obeys your command for 1 round.
*Confuse Construct: One robotic or technological device or enemy is confused for one round.
Magic Missile
Supercharge Weapon
Unseen Servant

3rd Level
Arcane Sight
Arcing Surge
Bestow Curse
Dispel Magic
Entropic Grasp
Explosive Blast
Handy Junkbot
Healing Junkbot
Holographic Image
Instant Virus
Hologram Memory
Lesser Resistant Armour

4th Level
Rise of the Machines: Create controlled undead creatures out of target broken robots, as per animate dead.
Death Ward
Corrosive Haze
Destruction Protocol
Holographic Image
Hold Construct: As hold monster, but for technological construsts, overcoming immunities to paralysis.
Overload Systems
Planar Binding
Mind Probe
Resilient Sphere
Resistant Armour
Rewire Flesh
Soothing Protocol
Tech Havoc: Do 12d8+Int hit points to a technological construct or machine.

5th Level
Break Enchantment
Contact Other Plane
Control Machines
Creation: Metal, ceramic or plastic only.
Greater Dispel Magic
Heat Leech
Holographic Image
Holographic Terrain
Greater Command: Robots, machines or computers only.
Planar Binding
Private Sanctum
Rewrite Memory: As modify memory but for computers, machines and robots.
Rapid Breakdown: Construct or weapon loses 2d8 hit points per round for 1 minute.
Resistant Aegis
Synapse Overload
Raise Machine: Restore to full function a machine, robot or android that ‘died’ no more than 1 day per level ago.
Unwilling Guardian: Technological constructs and robots only.
Wall of Force

6th Level
Battle Junkbot
Chain Surge
*Flesh to Machine: Transmute a living creature into a robot
Control Machine: Technological constructs follow your commands and don’t attack you (as per control undead)
Greater Discharge
Ethereal Jaunt
Holographic Image
*Psychic Technician: Cure all statistical damage and afflictions from a machine or robot.
*Incorporate: This slot is permanently used up, fusing a single weapon up to longarm size within your body. This weapon is now biotechnological and can be recharged or reloaded with eight hours of rest or the sacrifice of one hit point per charge/shot.
Planar Barrier
Planar Binding
Plane Shift
Greater Resistant Armour
Mass Rewire Flesh
Shadow Walk
Wreck Fleet: As per shadowy fleet, but made up of very real space junk
Sympathetic Vibration
*Blow Circuits: Instantly kill or massively damage one machine or technological construct per caster level, depending on target’s CR.
True Seeing
*Rust Plague: School Necromancy, Targets one technological construct or device, Duration instantaneous, Saving Throw Fortitude negates, harmless. Spell Resistance yes, harmless. See below. The Rust Plague can be spread, the save at -4 from the DC of your casting.
Wall of Steel

Rust Plague Disease Track
Disease (Contact), Save: By spell DC/spell DC -4, Track: Special, Frequency: 1/minute, Cure: 2 consecutive saves.

Despite the name, this magical, corroding plague can affect technological devices and synthetic constructs no matter what they are made of.

Intact – Spotty – Corroded – Malfunctioning – Breaking Down – Crumbling – Offline – Destroyed

  • Intact: The machine is a carrier, but despite slight tarnish is unaffected.
  • Spotty: The machine takes 1d6 damage and suffers a -2 penalty to KAC.
  • Corroded: The machine takes 2d8 damage and suffers a -2 penalty to all rolls.
  • Malfunctioning: The machine takes 4d10 damage and must succeed on a Will or Fortitude save DC 20 in order to act.
  • Breaking Down: The machine takes 6d10 damage and can only take one action per turn, if they make their save as above.
  • Crumbling: The machine takes 8d10 damage.
  • Offline: The machine shuts down completely.
  • Destroyed: The machine turns into ash and dust.

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: PLOD


PLOD are lumbering, but intimidating, police droids which can be deployed by truck – typically in pairs. They are most commonly used for riot suppression, guard duty and for establishing perimeters around ongoing criminal situations (such as hostage negotiations). The PLOD personality is dour and matter-of-fact and has a tendency to use technical and long-winded language. All PLOD are fitted with a crime-analysis computer that uses complex profile algorithms to determine potential troublemakers by alignment. Despite constant revisions, there are continual claims and protests that the PLOD system has racial bias.

Police Light Ordinance Droid CR 2
XP 600
Large Technological Construct
N Large robot

Init +2, Senses: Darkvision 60 ft, Low-Light Vision, Detect Alignment, Perception +10

Defence HP 30
EAC 10, KAC 16
Fort +2, Ref +2, Will -1
Immunities: Construct immunities, unliving,

Speed 25 ft
Melee: Stomp +8 (1d6+7 B)
Ranged: Twin-linked plastic-bullet rifles +11 (2d6+4 B, knockdown on crit), range 90 ft, capacity 80 rounds, usage 4.
Space: 10 ft, reach 10 ft.

Str +5, Dex +2, Con -, Int +0, Wis +0, Cha +1
Skills: Intimidate +5, Diplomacy +5

Environment: Urban
Organisation: Solitary or pair.

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Lagomorph


Artist Ren Wai Pan

Lagomorph Uplift +2 Con +2 Wis -2 Str 2 HP

Fierce little creatures with disarmingly cute features, the lagomorph are one of the smallest of the intelligent races, barely scraping past two feet in height and covered in soft, downy fur. Their long ears are distinctive and their armour and clothing is often modified to include their ears or to have holes through which they can stick. The lagomorphs are constantly and consistently underestimated and often overcompensate for their cute appearance with foul language, smoking heavy cigars and dying aggressive patterns into their fur.

Size and Type: Lagomorphs are small humanoids (barely) with the lagomorph subtype.

  • Big Ears: Lagomorphs gain a +2 racial bonus to Perception when rolling to hear something.
  • Prey Senses: Lagomorphs gain a +2 racial bonus to initiative and are never considered flat footed during surprise.
  • Low-Light Vision: Lagomorphs can see well in low-light conditions.
  • Lollop: Lagomorphs have a base movement of 40 ft and have a +2 racial bonus to athletics when jumping.

Lagomorph Minimech (Powered Armour)

Thumper War-Harness: EAC Bonus +8, KAC Bonus +8, Max Dex Bonus +3, Armour Check Penalty -6, Speed 40 ft, Strength 16 (+3), Damage 1d8 B, Size Small, Capacity 20, Usage 1/hour, Weapon Slots 2, Upgrade Slots 0, Bulk 15

#Starfinder – Starfinder Month: Bosonic Combat Gloves


Bosonic Combat Gloves are hefty, weaponised gloves which – when activated – energise with a ‘contagious’ field, that can massively increase or decrease the effect of gravity upon the person or object struck with the armoured fists.

Bosonic Combat Gloves: Level 8, Price: 10000, Damage 2D6 B, Critical: Knock the target back 10 ft, or automatically pin them for one turn, Special: Powered: Capacity 20, Usage 1.