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We live in ‘interesting times’, as they say. There’s a confluence of all kinds of factors along lines of race, gender and politics that haven’t been as important or as visible as they are now since the 1980s. Racism – in all directions – rears its ugly head in part because of increasing poverty, in part because people seem to want things to be bad so that they have something meaningful to fight. Relativism and postmodern thinking appears to hold sway in much academic discourse, even redefining the very meanings of terms like ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ to excuse the hypocrisy of many who prosecute those agendas.

Horror is often a good place to explore ‘what ifs’ and to challenge dominant paradigms.

What if, for example, there were such a thing as an inferior culture? What if there were such a thing as a primitive culture? What if there was a savagery that wasn’t noble? What if there were people that didn’t give a damn about ‘white saviours’ with social justice degrees. Who did set up their own parallel societies and laws.

What if every idiotic, paranoid fantasy the xenophobic right ever had about immigrants were embodied in one terrifying instance.

This adventure for Blood! is a sort of urban ‘Green Inferno’ or ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ meets ‘The Raid’. Don’t let on to your players however…

This adventure gives you a ‘playground’ for an adventure and a cast of characters. How you play with it is, however, your own decision. A recommended path is also provided to describe how an adventure might be run, but in the end it’s up to you.


This is a work of fiction. A horror scenario. It contains material of questionable morals and horrible nastiness. Don’t assume writing this is an endorsement of any such views. Like all good horror it’s about playing on and subverting people’s fears and expectations.

Rough as Toast

‘Rough as Toast’ is my imprint for ‘cheap and nasty’ products. Things that are a bit more experimental, silly or “hit and miss” where a lot of money can’t be spent or risked on a bit of an ‘out there’ idea. If you see that marker, you know you’re getting something a little ‘wacky’ or uncertain, but you will probably get some fun out of it.


The Pulps were churned out at a massive rate of knots. Strange and silly ideas thrown at the wall to see what stuck. Occasionally some of those ideas turned out to have legs – legs that are still carrying them nearly a hundred years later. My intent with Schlocktoberfest (previously just a sale some years back) is to just throw a bunch of monsters, ideas and other bits and pieces at the ‘wall’ and see what sticks. Maybe something will.


I hate to have to do this but I am really, really fucking ill. My depression/exhaustion has had me floored for over two weeks now and I don’t have the energy left to really struggle through it.

The timing is massively inconvenient as we’re now into the thirty-day push to hit stretch goals for Machinations of the Space Princes and we’re into my ‘convention season’ with IndieCon and Dragonmeet coming up.

I have outlines of demo adventures for ImagiNation, Irrepressible!, PROJECT and Blood! intended to be run at Indiecon but I don’t think that between the depression and imminent drug changes I’ll be able to actually get the adventures written up. I’ve spent most of last week and all of this week staring blankly at an open Word document.

Hopefully I’ll be fit and well for the conventions themselves, but that also remains to be seen 😦

If anyone can help me out by taking my notes and turning them into written-up adventures for these games I will be eternally grateful. I’ll provide PDFs as necessary and if the adventures are subsequently polished up and published I’ll compensate you monetarily.

Please let me know if you can help out.

Email: grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk

I feel awful having to do this, ‘giving in’ to being sick, but it’s becoming clear I’m not going to be able to manage otherwise.

If you think you can help out with the MotSP drive in some way let me know too. I could probably manage email interviews, Q&A and that sort of thing.

Blood Tales: Clearing RELEASED!

An Adventure for Blood! that takes us to a dystopian future where university places are so rare that the only way someone from a poor or middle class family can afford to go is if they submit themselves to the ‘Clearing’ system. A battle to the death for the prize of a higher education.

Battle Royale meets University Challenge on a remote island.

How badly do you want that degree?

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Blood Tales: Windycon – RELEASED!

An adventure for the modern horror game Blood! Windycon sets a band of plucky gamers against a strange and glutinous horror at an isolated convention site.

A comedy/splatterpunk adventure for the strong – and the large – stomached.


We have a new adventure out for Blood!: The RPG of Modern Horror. A comedy splatterpunk adventure called Windycon which you can buy on PDF HERE

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Autopsy 4: Released!

The New-Look Autopsy. Cleaned up and expanded blog articles, support and other material for a variety of games in a more screen/tablet friendly format.

This issue:

  • Shadow World: Cantrip Comprehensive, The Ourobowrong,
  • ’45: Psychobilly Retropocalypse: The Pukes of Dannger
  • 4E: Groin Weasels
  • Blood!: Tips/errata
  • Pathfinder: Flenser Swarm
  • Invaderz!
  • Grim’s Tales
  • ‘Beta Planet’ *Nudge, wink*

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Blood!: Clearing

Dear [Your Name Here],

It is important for the government, and for the country, to ensure that the best and brightest are able to access higher education not only on the basis of being able to afford that education but also in terms of merit and talent. Given the economic situation as we recover from the Greater Depression of the twenty-teens we must balance the need to provide education and build the economy with the necessities of population control in the wake of the equatorial exodus and the expense of providing those educational opportunities.

You have been put forward by your parents as talented and worthwhile individuals for the Clearing Program as outlined in the Meritorious Scholarship Act of 2019. As such you have been removed from your home and placed in this Designated Testing Zone which is considered a Zero Tolerance Area under the Societal Safety Act of 2016. As such the normal rule of law is suspended upon this island for the duration of this test.

You have each been administered with a slow-release toxin which, without the administering of the antidote, will kill you in approximately three days.

Four teams from your college have been selected for the opportunity to gain an expenses paid position at the elite university of Camford. Your academic standing is not in question but you must still show yourselves to have the kind of instinct that will serve you well in the world of business after your education so that the government and its corporate sponsors can recoup their investment in you and your future.

The best of luck to you and your team and we look forward to welcoming you into the world of university education.


Oswald Powell
Education Secretary

Blood!: Hell on Earth

Like I don’t have enough on my plate I’m still keen to get on with Blood!: Hell on Earth which is the witch-hunting and demon-fighting setting playable from the 1400s to the 1700s but set, by default, in the Annus Mirablis of 1666 in Britain.

The setting is all there in notes and various spaces in my brain but I’m weighing up whether to deviate further in the rules than I have in the errata and options I’ve already put out there.

Blood! wouldn’t be Blood! without the complexity and the grit which informs its deadliness and makes it what it is. At the same time the complaints and requests that I have had are about the complexity and there are some ways it might be slimmed down a bit and simplified.

Character creation is the big slowdown in the system at the moment and could very well be simplified though some fidelity and individuality might be lost in the process. This would entail getting rid of some of the modifiers and tying bonuses to singular statistics rather than lots of totalling up and divisions.

Assigning skills and skill points could also be slimmed down while leaving the main system intact. A base amount of points to spend and a bonus without, necessarily, being channelled into templates.

Otherwise, with the modifications and errata, everything’s pretty much good to go. It may be worth doing a playtest at Indiecon to see if it all works OK.