#RPG – #My30dayWorld – Are Constructs Common in Your World? What is their Role?


By default, I am not going to consider constructs to be especially common. Giving life to something would require a massive amount of magical energy, energy not typically easy to find – especially compared to the half-life that undead manage, often only able to sustain it through cannibalism, murder, blood drinking or sacrifice. Constructs are – rather – things that have been given a kind of permanent life, lending animation to an otherwise inanimate object like a statue, clockwork, carving or golem…

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#AprilTTRPGmaker Most notable achievement?

650x650_ffe407df6a0fcc141ac32dba951b067f24ee132033993dd422da68bdThere are two kinds of achievement I suppose. The ones that are publicly acknowledged and the ones you regard as personal achievements. Public acknowledgement in any industry is tricky. You have to hold the right positions, know the right people, work for the right companies, have the right reputation and so on. The Hugo Awards have been mired in controversy over this point for some time.

Publicly then, I can only really point to winning an Origins Award for The Munchkin’s Guide to Powergaming – which wasn’t bad for the first thing I ever produced professionally and has had such a profound, broad impact on gaming and gaming culture. My ‘bad’ reputation is also something of an achievement I suppose, it demonstrated to me who my real friends were and acts as a useful filter for finding people who think for themselves gor_slavegirl_alphaor go with the herd. I got it by sticking to my principles and beliefs, which is more of a personal achievement.

In terms of personal achievements, there’s that first professional break, writing for Wizards of the Coast, starting my own company with £500 and multiplying that money many, many times over. Several small-scale hits are under my belt and I’ve negotiated rights to old games, and to producing gaming material for Gor. All things of which I’m proud to one degree or another.