#rpg – Actual Fucking Nightlife, Part One – Kin

Nightlife was a much underrated game, by Stellar Games (also known for It Came from the Late Late Show) with great art by my long time partner-in-crime Brad McDevitt (whose art was all over AFM and who also sells stock art through us at Drivethrurpg.

I have tried to approach the guys from Stellar Games on several occasions to seek licensing for this ‘lost’ game, but they have always asked for too much, or more commonly, been unresponsive to attempts to license or or produce a new edition (as I did with Blood!).

I figured it might be fun to provide some bare-bones rules conversions for running Nightlife using the Actual Fucking Monsters system nonetheless, it doing so would also help me explore what additional rules and ideas might go into AFM’s companion book.

So here it is, just a silly fan-blog.


The Kin in Nightlife were pretty loose anyway, rather open collections of thematic powers and weaknesses. So there’s plenty of scope to use AFM’s completely open system to recreate the Kin breeds found there.

Death and Resurrection

Unlike Monsters in AFM, you can’t outright kill Kin easily. When they die they – usually – resurrect the following night. This is detailed in the Nightlife books, but a Monster in AFM’s rules can only resurrect a number of times equal to their die type in Body (1-5 times) before dying the ‘true death’. Dying from Bane damage, or being dismembered or bodily destroyed will also do it.

General Kin Monster Powers

Ageless, Armoured, Claws & Teeth, Control Weather, Danger Sense, Direction Sense, Drain, Dreams and Nightmares, Extra Sensory Perception, Heightened Sense, Navigate Probability, Sense of Time, Speed, Techno-Invisibility, Tracking.


Those who are Made.
Transgression: Cannibalism/Blood Drinking
Monster Powers: Animal Magnetism, Beast Form (Bat), Hypnosis, Insubstantial, Beast Form (Rat), Beast Form (Wolf), Drain (Blood).
Possible Banes: Sunlight, Running Water, Garlic, Wood, Fire, Holy Relics.


Those who are Born, or Those who are Made.
Transgression: Sadism or Cannibalism.
Monster Powers: Animal Magnetism, Beast Form (Hybrid), Beast Form (Wolf), Drain (Pain), Fearsome, Heightened Sense.
Possible Banes: Fire, Silver.


The Neverborn.
Transgression: Cause Fear.
Monster Powers: Armoured, Camouflage, Drain (Fear), Empathic, Facedance, Fearsome, Frigidity, Insubstantial (In Ghosts, using this power makes them corporeal), Levitation, Telekinetic, Teleportation.
Possible Banes: Cold-Wrought Iron, Fire, Holy Relics.


Those who are Born or Neverborn.
Transgression: Corruption and temptation.
Monster Powers: Body Manipulation, Drain (Life Force), Facedance, Fire Breath, Flight, Inhabit, Levitation, Telepathic Projection, Telepathic Reading, Teleportation.
Possible Banes: Flint (stone), Holy Relics, Natural Fire.


Those who are Made.
Transgression: Necrophagy, Necrophilia.
Monster Powers: Drain (Youth), Necrocommunication, Reanimator.
Possible Banes: Sunlight, Silver, Fire.

Manitou (Inuit – even I thought that was a bit much)

Those who are Born.
Transgression: Pranks and tricks.
Monster Powers: Animal Magnetism, Bedlam, Camouflage, Harm Transference, Heart Attack, Levitation.
Possible Banes: Fire, Holy Relics.


The Neverborn.
Transgression: Sadism.
Monster Powers: Body Manipulation, Demagogue, Drain (Life), Hypnosis, Telepathic Projection, Telepathic Reading.
Bane: Sunlight, Fire, Antipathy.

#RPG – A Month of Monsters – The Biting Bone

44526532_10216626427311222_2240961403584249856_nYou can buy this piece of stock art, for as little as $1 this month as part of a promotion. We have a promotion running all month, 31 pieces of monstrous stock art, one a day until all are at on sale culminating on the 31st for Halloween.

This piece depicts a bloody bone.

The Biting Bone is all that was left of Saint Galston (patron saint of the devoured) after he was attacked by ravening, toothsome beasts. The bone carries the power of Saint Galston’s final words, reported – by his squire – as being “I hope you choke on it, you bastards.”

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#RPG Kingsman for Agents of SWING

fc,220x200,whiteSooner or later a new version of SWING more compatible with the new version of FATE will be Kickstarted. In the meantime…

Kingsman for Agents of SWING

This is based on the film, rather than the related comic, as honestly this is one instance in which the film really is better.

Kingsman’s concept operates very much like that of SWING in the game, a third-party, private espionage organisation trying to stop great powers from kicking off a new world war and also operating against massive threats, outside the laws and treaties that – theoretically – bind other espionage agencies.

Their sheer access to money (old and new), contacts and the ‘Old Boy Network’ of the British establishment and banking system gives them truly global reach which, when combined with their massively high standards and cut-throat training regimen makes them a small, but formidable force.

Failed candidates for ‘Knight’ positions seem to fill other roles within Kingsman’s organisation such as guards and support staff on a global basis (satellite offices are mentioned). So there is scope for playing characters who are not ‘Knights’. Merlin appears to be the head of the tech/support staff and training program but there’s certainly scope for others and given the success of Roxy (albeit in a minority) there’s no reason to think there aren’t plenty of women at work in the organisation – no matter what their codename.

Possible Arthurian Codenames

  • Arthur (Head of Kingsman)
  • Guinevere (Support – Medical?)
  • Merlin (Head of Support – Technical)
  • Morgana (Support – Personnel?)
  • Taliesin (Support – broker/deal maker?)


  • Agolvale (Knight)
  • Agravain (Knight)
  • Bagdemagus (Knight)
  • Bedivere (Knight)
  • Bercilak (Knight)
  • Bors (Knight)
  • Bruenor (Knight)
  • Cador (Knight)
  • Calogrenant (Knight)
  • Caradoc (Knight)
  • Claudin (Knight)
  • Dagonet (Knight)
  • Daniel (Knight)
  • Dinadan (Knight)
  • Ector (Knight)
  • Elyan (Knight)
  • Erec (Knight)
  • Esclabor (Knight)
  • Feirefiz (Knight)
  • Gaheris (Knight)
  • Galahad (Knight)
  • Galehault (Knight)
  • Galeschin (Knight)
  • Gareth (Knight)
  • Gawain (Knight)
  • Geraint (Knight)
  • Gingalain (Knight)
  • Griflet (Knight)
  • Hector (Knight)
  • Hoel (Knight)
  • Kay (Knight)
  • Lamorak (Knight)
  • Lancelot (Knight)
  • Lanval (Knight)
  • Leodegrance (Knight)
  • Lincoln (Knight)
  • Lionel (Knight)
  • Lucan (Knight)
  • Maleagant (Knight)
  • Mordred (Knight)
  • Morholt (Knight)
  • Morien (Knight)
  • Owain (Knight)
  • Palamedes (Knight)
  • Pelleas (Knight)
  • Pellinore (Knight)
  • Percival (Knight)
  • Safir (Knight)
  • Sagramore (Knight)
  • Segwarides (Knight)
  • Tor (Knight)
  • Tristan (Knight)
  • Urien (Knight)


Unlike SWING characters, Kingsmen are cut from similar cloth and have a similar degree of competence.

Kingsman characters must spend at least the following points in the following Skills.

Athletics 1
Drive 1
Fists 2
Guns 2
Endurance 1
Resolve 1
Resources 1
Weaponry 1

Leaving 10 points for further customisation.


Similarly, gadgets are also standard issue in a way they are not for SWING.

kingsman-umbrellaUmbrella: The reinforced and gadget-packed umbrella makes for a good close-combat weapon. Its hook gives it the aspect ‘Entangling’ and as a close combat weapon it does +1 damage. The umbrella itself projects onto itself what is behind it, so you can take cover behind it. When taking cover the umbrella provides +2 Armour to the agent behind it, but they cannot move as they must brace the umbrella for it to be effective. The shaft of the umbrella also houses a number of bullets which can be fired with lethal force (+2) or non-lethal force (+1, and confer a ‘dazed’ aspect if they hit).

st-george-9ct-gold-sovereign-ring-21mm_1Sovereign Ring: The sovereign ring holds a powerful electric charge, good for one solid punch doing +2 damage and conveyed the ‘shocked’ aspect.

350px-KingsmanPistolKingsman Pistol: The Kingsman pistol is a custom-modified firearm with an underslung single-shot, shotgun barrel – reloaded by break action. The pistol does +2 damage, while the shotgun, with a standard shot, does +2 damage and has the aspect ‘spread shot’. It imposes a -1 penalty to hit, however, due to its short barrel. Specialist shotgun rounds are available, but not detailed in the film. Presumably these would include:

1. Standard Shot.
2. Solid shot (+3 damage, no spread aspect).
3. Incendiary (+1 damage, confers aspect ‘on fire’ and 1 stress damage per turn.
4. High Explosive (+4 damage with an area explosion).
5. Armour Piercing (+2 damage, ignore up to 2 points of armour).
6. Rock Salt (+0 damage, confers ‘in pain’ aspect).

fe4f385841454725d8ee9e749ddab695Bulletproof Suit: The bulletproof, double-breasted suit confers two points of armour, but only against bullets and impact weapons.

628438_mrp_fr_lBlade Shoes: With these a kick attack can be made doing +1 damage. On the following turn the target suffers a damaging poison attack with a potency of +8. The oil on the blade is only good for a single attack and the damage is not ongoing.

AR Spectacles: The AR spectacles can take pictures, provide an augmented overlay (+1 to Alertness rolls) and provide a live feed back to HQ. As standard, everything is recorded.

Watch: The Kingsman watch, as well as being a £5,000 top of the range watch can fire a number of amnesia darts (potency +8, forget the last hour) or a single shock/bola dart which does +0 damage, has the aspect ‘entangling’ and confers the aspect ‘shocked’ if it hits and does damage.

Poison Pen:
The ink from the pen can be used as a powerful, ongoing poison. Normally harmless, it can be activated by the pen (if within a few metres range) after which it is a Potency +4 poison with ongoing effect.

69ee7d1a895810738cf605d10d012c25Lighter: The Kingsman lighter (gold, naturally) can be used as a single-shot flamethrower (+2, confers the ‘on fire’ aspect and 1 damage every turn, or as a grenade. Doing +5 damage with an area explosion.

#RPG A Witcher Class for the Dragon Warriors RPG

Geralt_of_riviaWitcher Class: For Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors is a brilliant ‘Old School’ RPG, reincarnated by Cubicle 7. It has an innate old-Europe feel, somewhat different to standard fantasy fare and well in keeping with The Witcher, which makes it a perfect system in which to run Witcher style RPG sessions.

You can get the PDFs HERE.

Minimum Requirements

A player who wishes his character to become a Witcher must roll scores of at least 10 for Reflexes and Strength and at least 9 for Intelligence and Psychic Talent.

Sign Casting

Witchers may cast their signs an unlimited number of times (there are no magic points) but they must have a hand free to do so and can only cast a sign every third turn.

Witchers and Armour

Witchers can wear any kind of armour but cannot (or at least do not) use shields. Witchers are primarily trained to fight in light armour however.

  • A Witcher can wear armour with an armour factor of 1-2 without penalty.
  • A Witcher can wear armour with an armour factor of 3-4 with a penalty of -2 to Attack/Defence.
  • A Witcher can wear armour with an armour factor of 5 with a penalty of -4 to Attack/Defence.

Witchers and Weapons

Witchers are extensively trained in the use of one-handed weapons only, to an insane degree of expertise. They are much less effective with other weapons. Two handed-weapons suffer a -2 penalty to Attack. This includes ranged weapons, with the exception of pistol-crossbows.

Pistol Crossbow: Damage: D6, 3 points. Short 0-15m, Medium 16-25m, Long 26-35m. 75F.

Health Points

Witchers start with 1D6+6 Health Points.

Combat Factors

Attack 13, Defence 5

Magical Combat Factors

Magical Attack 12, Magical Defence 4.


A Witcher’s starting Evasion Score is 4.

Stealth & Perception

A Witcher begins with Stealth 14 and Perception 8.

Initial Equipment

A Witcher starts play with:

  • Gambeson armour (1 armour).
  • A steel sword (d8, 4 points).
  • A silver sword (d6, 3 points). Silver swords can strike incorporeal opponents. Against supernatural monsters a silver sword gets +2 to its armour-bypass roll and +2 damage. Only Witcher-forged silver weapons have these abilities.
  • A backpack.
  • Flint and tinder.
  • A dagger.
  • 1d10 Florins.

The Special Abilities of a Witcher

Witchers have a few innate abilities and a very broad degree of customisation.

They begin with the following abilities:

Heightened Senses

Witchers have an (already) boosted Perception and can see clearly in low-light conditions, but not in total darkness. They start play with the Track ability, as per the Knight class.

Poison Resistance

Witchers consider their Strength to be two points higher than it is when resolving poison effects.

Ranking Up

  • +1 to Attack each time the character increases in Rank.
    +1 to Defence at 3rd Rank and every 2nd Rank thereafter (3,5,7,9…)
  • +1 to Health Points each Rank.
  • +1 to Magical Attack and Magical Defence at 2nd Rank and every 2nd Rank thereafter (2,4,6,8…)
  • +1 to Evasion at Rank 5 and another at Rank 9.
  • +1 to Perception at 2nd Rank and every 2nd Rank thereafter (2,4,6,8…)
  • +1 to Stealth at 4th Rank, 7th Rank and 10th Rank.

Each time a Witcher ranks they get two Skill Ranks to spend, which can be spent to buy the following (though they may only increase their Rank in any ability by 1 each time they Rank up):

Alchemy: You must be at least Rank 6, this gives you access to the Potion making abilities of a Sorcerer but you only have access to Dexterity, Occult Acuity, Strength, Healing, Poison, Theriac, Smoke, Amianthus, Truth, Love and Sleep.

Armour Piercing: As per the Assassin ability.

Armour Training: Offset your armour penalties for heavier armour by 1. You may take this up to four times to completely offset armour penalties.

Arrow Cutting: As per the Warlock ability.

Disarm Technique: As per the Knight ability.

Main Gauche: As per the Knight ability.

Major Enchantment (Armour): As per the Warlock ability.

Major Enchantment (Weapons): As per the Warlock ability.

Minor Enchantment (Armour): As per the Warlock ability.

Minor Enchantment (Weapons): As per the Warlock ability.

Quick Draw: As per the Knight ability.

Ride Warhorse: You can now ride warhorses.

Sign (Aard): A telekinetic wave is projected from the Witcher’s hand. This has a Speed of 13 and does 2 damage out to a range of 5m. A critical hit (double 1) knocks the target over. Extra Skill Ranks can be invested in this ability to raise the Speed, Range and Damage by +1 each per rank, to a maximum of Speed 18, 10m range and 7 damage.

Sign (Axii): Axii allows you to stun an opponent. Make a Magical Attack against an enemy and, if successful, they are stunned for one turn. A critical hit makes them fight on your side for that turn. Extra ranks spent in this sign increase the duration, up to a maximum of 6 turns. You can also use this ability in roleplay to try and subtly bend people to your will.

Sign (Igni): A blast of fire is projected from the Witcher’s hand. This has a Speed of 12 and does 3 damage out to a range of 5m. A critical hit (double 1) sets the target on fire for 1 damage per turn. Extra Skill Ranks can be invested in this ability to raise the Range, Damage and Damage per turn by 1 to a maximum of 10m, 8 damage and 6 damage per turn. You can also use this ability in roleplay to light or extinguish torches, candles, lamps and small fires.

Sign (Quen): Quen creates a magical barrier around you which can resist one hit from any attack. This operates like a shield (blocking on a 6 on D6) and lasts 1 turn. You can spend extra Skill Ranks on this sign to raise its duration and blocking ability by 1 per rank to a maximum of blocking automatically and lasting up to 6 turns.

Sign (Yrden): Yrden drops a magical trap at your feet which lasts until your next turn. Any enemy in the trap area (5m diameter) takes a penalty of -1 to Defence and if incorporeal is rendered vulnerable to normal attacks. Extra Skill Ranks can be invested in this ability to raise the duration and the Defence penalty by 1 per rank to a maximum of 6 turns and a -6 penalty.

Swordmaster: As per the Knight ability.

Unnatural Toughness: Add +1 Health Point. You may take this as many times as you like.

LUMENERA: Destiny Roleplaying Using Numenera


Despite something of a lukewarm reception from many, I’ve really been enjoying Destiny and it seemed, to me, to be a perfect translation into a Tabletop RPG for a deeper experience. Numenera seemed the most obvious fit, given that it already slotted neatly into three classes and the degree of player agency that it provides.

Here’s a rough, raw, document version for now.

This is purely a fan thing, but if you feel like supporting me in producing game material personally and professional you can support me on Patreon or support my current professional project, a Gor RPG and world/art book.


MotSP: Things and Stuff III

Bubble_Drone_FigureTrionRobotniks S-Series Alpha 50xp
Close Defence: 12
Ranged Defence: 13
Armour: d6
Hit Dice: 3d+6 (19hp)
Initiative: +0
Movement: 10m
Attacks: 1/+0
Damage: 1d4
Saves: 5, Toughness 7
Traits: Shell x2, Painless x2
TrionArms Inferno: Small Calibre Heavy Weapon: d8 damage, Medium Range, Ammo Save 14, Igniting, Explosive
Light Shield: 5hp
945gp on the open market.


Bubble_Drone_v2_FigureTrionRobotniks S-Series Beta 75xp
Close Defence: 13
Ranged Defence: 13
Armour: d6
Hit Dice: 4d+8 (28hp)
Initiative: +0
Movement: 10m
Attacks: 1/+0
Damage: 1d4
Saves: 5, Toughness 7
Traits: Shell x2, Painless x2
TrionArms Inferno: Small Calibre Heavy Weapon: d8 damage, Medium Range, Ammo Save 14, Igniting, Explosive
Medium Shield 10hp
1220gp on the open market.

TrionArms Inferno
Small Calibre Heavy Weapon: d8 damage, Medium Range, Ammo Save 14, Igniting 1d4, Explosive 1m 800gp

TrionRobotniks manufactures mid-tier security robots, often also used by ‘bananoid republics’ to supplement their military as well – robots rarely being subject to mutiny. The S-Series is the most popular and a common sight in the tumultuous Zone of Cthon, on all sides. TrionRobotniks uses proprietary systems and hardware, luring customers in with relatively low prices and then gouging them on repairs.

MotSP: Things and Stuff II

The ScarCrow series of robot sentries are fragile, but cost effective. For the cheaper-minded but security conscious mastermind, villain, frontier banker, drug dealer, or paranoiac. Plentiful and common, the ScarCrow is relatively easy to repair and simple to program as well as lightweight and able to fold down into a small package, luggable by one person.

Assault_Mech_Mk._I_FigureScarCrow Robot Sentry 25xp
Close Defence: 12
Ranged Defence: 12
Armour: 1
Hit Dice: 2d+4 (13hp)
Initiative: +0
Movement: 15m
Attacks: 1/+0
Damage: 1d4
Saves: 5, Toughness 7
Search: 3
Traits: Keen Sight x3 +150% distance, Low-Light, Painless x2, No Hands.
Twin, Slaved Efficiency Blasters 2D4 (take the highest), Range Long, Ammo Save 19 50gp +1 to hit
330gp to purchase


Assault_Mech_Mk._I_v2_FigureScarCrow Deluxe Robot Sentry 50xp
Close Defence: 12
Ranged Defence: 13
Armour: 1d4
Hit Dice: 3d+6 (19hp)
Initiative: +0
Movement: 15m
Attacks: 1/+0
Damage: 1d4
Saves: 5, Toughness 7
Traits: Keen Sight x3 +150% distance, Low Light, Painless x2, No Hands
Light Deflector Shield
385gp to purchase

Other New Stuff
No Hands: Can be taken in place of a stat penalty to give an extra trait. You have no hands, so can’t manipulate anything physically, at least not easily.

Amalgamated Zap Efficiency Blaster
Small Calibre laser carbine: D4, Range Long, Ammo Save 19 250gp +1 to hit

An energy efficient, long range blaster carbine suitable for sentry guns, guard robots and power-conscious settlers.

MotSP: Things and Stuff I

There’s a lot of mobile and tablet games out there with some great art. Fantasica is one, Fatal Frontier is another. Playing Fatal Frontier I thought its Borderlands-ish, Heavy Metal-ish style was well suited to MotSP, so I found a wiki for the game and grabbed some images off it to inspire some creativity.

Alpha_Rot_FigureKlordog 10xp
Close Defence: 12
Ranged Defence: 12
Armour: 1
Hit Dice: 1 (4hp)
Initiative: +0
Movement: 12m
Attacks: 1/+1
Damage: 1d6
Saves: 5
Traits: Fast, Killer Instinct, Natural Weapons, Scales


Klordog Alpha 25xp
Close Defence: 12
Ranged Defence: 12
Armour: 1
Hit Dice: 2 (9hp)
Initiative: +0
Movement: 12m
Attacks: 1/+2
Damage: 1d6
Saves: 5
Traits: Fast, Killer Instinct, Natural Weapons, Scales

Klordogs are clawed, blood-drinking creatures trained as guard dogs on many worlds. Sleek and muscular they look more dangerous than they are as their barrel-shaped bodies are vulnerable to being pierced, contaminating their blood and other organs with half-digested food-blood and bacteria.




CLICK Pacrim

DUST Tactics: Zverograd Rat Swarm

Rat-Swarm-smallerBiological experiments in the SSU – and preceding it the Soviet Union – were largely abject failures. Thanks to the terrible cost of Lysenkoism and the effect of its adherents on soviet science. Stalin’s demands have been unrealistic – the creation of hybridised ape soldiers for example – and many leading scientists have been purged or exiled.

Access to VK and the living example of the German gorilla soldiers has, however, galvanised research in many fields and the terrible toll of violence in Zverograd upon SSU forces has leant even more impetus to the research. Academician Ilya Ivanov, son of the late Doctor Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov, has been placed in charge of these new programs and between vivisection of captured German undead and ape soldiers and experimental applications of VK he has had numerous successes.

Rat Swarms

Rats breed in large numbers and are eminently expendable, plus they are the only creatures still in ready supply in Zverograd after the long siege. Ivanov’s experiments have produced a number of ‘intelligent’ rat swarms, controlled via a modulated VK signal, which can be sent crawling through gaps and rubble to reach enemy soldiers and overcome them through sheer numbers.

Move: 2
Type: Soldier 1
Special Abilities: Agile, Charge, Squirm*.
Health: 6
Bite: Close Combat only Troop 1: 6/1, Troop 2: 5/1, Troop 3, 2/1, Troop 4: 1/1
Bite: Close Combat only Tank 1-7: 1/1
Cost: 15AP
Cover Save: Blank
NB: The bite-line is for the whole swarm and remains the same until the whole unit is eliminated.

*Squirm: Troops with the Squirm ability can pass through cover, friendly troops and enemy troops as though they were not there. they can co-occupy a space with friendly or enemy troops and can make close combat attacks from that same space. While occupying the same space as a group of soldiers or a vehicle, if they come under attack from outside that space the attack dice are halved (rounding up) and are then rolled as normal for damage against both the rat swarm and the troops or vehicle they share a space with.


Anti-Tank Dogs

Move: 2
Type: Soldier 1
Special Abilities: Agile, Charge.
Health: 1 (3 dogs per unit)
Bite: Close Combat only Troop 1: 3/1, Troop 2: 2/1, Troop 3, 1/1, Troop 4: 1/1
Bomb: Close Combat only (3) Troop 1-4: 2/1, Tank 1-7: 2/2 (Each bomb blast eliminates one dog)
Cost: 15AP
Cover Save: Blank



Rumour has it that the half-breed experiments have been restarted using samples taken from German enhanced apes. With a maturation period of at least fifteen years it is unlike this will bear battlefield fruit for some time…

(Knock-off planet of the apes figures would work well for this and you could always retcon that the original experiments worked. I’d make them troop 2 with some special abilities or enhanced cover abilities to reflect toughness, bolster their hand-to-hand a little and use themas anti-infantry troops with – maybe – some very weak anti-tank capabilities).