MotSP: Things and Stuff I

There’s a lot of mobile and tablet games out there with some great art. Fantasica is one, Fatal Frontier is another. Playing Fatal Frontier I thought its Borderlands-ish, Heavy Metal-ish style was well suited to MotSP, so I found a wiki for the game and grabbed some images off it to inspire some creativity.

Alpha_Rot_FigureKlordog 10xp
Close Defence: 12
Ranged Defence: 12
Armour: 1
Hit Dice: 1 (4hp)
Initiative: +0
Movement: 12m
Attacks: 1/+1
Damage: 1d6
Saves: 5
Traits: Fast, Killer Instinct, Natural Weapons, Scales


Klordog Alpha 25xp
Close Defence: 12
Ranged Defence: 12
Armour: 1
Hit Dice: 2 (9hp)
Initiative: +0
Movement: 12m
Attacks: 1/+2
Damage: 1d6
Saves: 5
Traits: Fast, Killer Instinct, Natural Weapons, Scales

Klordogs are clawed, blood-drinking creatures trained as guard dogs on many worlds. Sleek and muscular they look more dangerous than they are as their barrel-shaped bodies are vulnerable to being pierced, contaminating their blood and other organs with half-digested food-blood and bacteria.




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DUST Tactics: Zverograd Rat Swarm

Rat-Swarm-smallerBiological experiments in the SSU – and preceding it the Soviet Union – were largely abject failures. Thanks to the terrible cost of Lysenkoism and the effect of its adherents on soviet science. Stalin’s demands have been unrealistic – the creation of hybridised ape soldiers for example – and many leading scientists have been purged or exiled.

Access to VK and the living example of the German gorilla soldiers has, however, galvanised research in many fields and the terrible toll of violence in Zverograd upon SSU forces has leant even more impetus to the research. Academician Ilya Ivanov, son of the late Doctor Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov, has been placed in charge of these new programs and between vivisection of captured German undead and ape soldiers and experimental applications of VK he has had numerous successes.

Rat Swarms

Rats breed in large numbers and are eminently expendable, plus they are the only creatures still in ready supply in Zverograd after the long siege. Ivanov’s experiments have produced a number of ‘intelligent’ rat swarms, controlled via a modulated VK signal, which can be sent crawling through gaps and rubble to reach enemy soldiers and overcome them through sheer numbers.

Move: 2
Type: Soldier 1
Special Abilities: Agile, Charge, Squirm*.
Health: 6
Bite: Close Combat only Troop 1: 6/1, Troop 2: 5/1, Troop 3, 2/1, Troop 4: 1/1
Bite: Close Combat only Tank 1-7: 1/1
Cost: 15AP
Cover Save: Blank
NB: The bite-line is for the whole swarm and remains the same until the whole unit is eliminated.

*Squirm: Troops with the Squirm ability can pass through cover, friendly troops and enemy troops as though they were not there. they can co-occupy a space with friendly or enemy troops and can make close combat attacks from that same space. While occupying the same space as a group of soldiers or a vehicle, if they come under attack from outside that space the attack dice are halved (rounding up) and are then rolled as normal for damage against both the rat swarm and the troops or vehicle they share a space with.


Anti-Tank Dogs

Move: 2
Type: Soldier 1
Special Abilities: Agile, Charge.
Health: 1 (3 dogs per unit)
Bite: Close Combat only Troop 1: 3/1, Troop 2: 2/1, Troop 3, 1/1, Troop 4: 1/1
Bomb: Close Combat only (3) Troop 1-4: 2/1, Tank 1-7: 2/2 (Each bomb blast eliminates one dog)
Cost: 15AP
Cover Save: Blank



Rumour has it that the half-breed experiments have been restarted using samples taken from German enhanced apes. With a maturation period of at least fifteen years it is unlike this will bear battlefield fruit for some time…

(Knock-off planet of the apes figures would work well for this and you could always retcon that the original experiments worked. I’d make them troop 2 with some special abilities or enhanced cover abilities to reflect toughness, bolster their hand-to-hand a little and use themas anti-infantry troops with – maybe – some very weak anti-tank capabilities).

MotSP: Vogons – Race Creation

tve3939-2-155As an exercise in showing how easy it is to create new race templates and traits for MotSP from any inspiration, here’s a comedy example (that is, nonetheless, throughly suited to MotSP).

They are one of the most unpleasant races in the galaxy – not actually evil, but bad tempered, bureaucratic, officious and callous. They wouldn’t even lift a finger to save their own grandmothers from the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal without an order, signed in triplicate, sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public enquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as firelighters. If you want to get a lift from a Vogon, forget it. They are vile and ill tempered. If you want to get a drink from a Vogon, stick your finger down his throat. If you want to annoy a vogon, feed his grandmother to the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.

Billions of years ago, when the Vogons first crawled out of the primeval seas of Vogsphere, laid panting and heaving on the planet’s virgin shores… when the first rays of the young Vogsol sun had shone across them… it seemed as if the forces of evolution had simply given up on them then and there, turned aside in disgust and written them off as an ugly mistake. They would never evolve again. They shouldn’t have survived. The fact that they did is a testament to the thick-willed stubbornness of these creatures. Evolution? they said to themselves. Who needs it? What nature refused to do for them they simply did without until they were able to correct the gross anatomical inconveniences with surgery.

The natural forces of Vogsphere worked overtime to make up for their blunder. They brought forth scintillating jeweled scuttling crabs, which the Vogons ate, smashing them with large iron mallets; aspiring trees which the Vogons cut down to use the firewood for cooking the crabs; and elegant gazellelike creatures with dewey eyes which the Vogons would catch and sit on (they were useless for transport because their backs snapped under the weight, but the Vogons sat on them anyway).

The planet whirled away for unhappy millennia until the Vogons discovered the principles of interstellar travel. Within a few short Vog years every Vogon had migrated to the Megabrantis cluster, the political hub of the galaxy. They now form the powerful backbone of the Galactic Civil Service. Also, some of the young Vogons join the Vogon Guard Corps, which, aside from making them look moderately less hideous what with dashing uniforms and all that, also allows for exciting promotion opportunities such as Senior Shouting Officer. Despite their intelligence, they remain little changed since their first appearance a billion billion years ago. Every year twenty-seven thousand jeweled scuttling crabs are imported, then they while away a drunken night smashing them to bits with iron mallets. They have as much sex appeal as a road accident.

Race Template


  • Educated: +1 free skill point in lore.
  • Fanatical: +1 Will, +1 Constitution
  • Large: -1 to defences, +1 hit point per level. +1 damage in close combat.
  • Blubber (Scales): +1 Armour
  • Born Bureaucrat (New trait): +2 to Save Rolls or +1 to Skill levels when dealing with red tape.


  • Stat Penalty: -4 Comliness.
  • Stat Penalty: -4 Charisma.

Terrible poets.
Often quite handy with an iron mallet.

Vogon Guard NPC (50xp)

“I’ll tell my aunt what you said.”

Close Defence: 11
Ranged Defence: 11
Armour: 1 (Natural blubber) 1d3+1 in rubber overalls.
Hit Dice: 3+3 (16hp)
Initiative: 0
Movement: 10
Attacks: 1/+0 (close combat), 1/+1 (Stun pistol)
Damage: 1d6
Saves: 5 (Toughness 7, Will 6)
Traits: (See Vogon)
Skills: Weapon Expert Pistol 1, Lore: Regulations: 1

Vogon Standard Guard Uniform 1
A set of thick rubber dungarees, prone to filling with sweat but considered very dashing by vogons and based on their own, dense, rubbery flesh. While ‘fashionable’ by vogon standards, a guard must by them out of their own salary.
Light armour, 1d3 protection, street fashion, cost 250gp

Stun Ray
Worn in a low-slung holster, the vogon stun ray is a fine example that simple engineering doesn’t always produce something aesthetically pleasing.
Small Calibre, d4 damage, Close Range, Shocking, Stunning Ammo Save N/A, Cost 100gp

New trait: Stunning
What you do to the target as damage is applied as a penalty to stun saves from the shocking attack, but the weapon does no other damage. x1.0

Iron Kingdoms RPG – Necromancer

Just a quick, rough, usable (ish) sketch for a character class and magic.

Career: Necromancer
Archetype: Gifted†
Starting Career: Yes.

Starting Abilities/Connections/Skills & Spells:
Ability: Anatomical Precision.
Spells: Dark Mist, Dead Flesh, Necrotic Strike.
Military Skills: Choose One: Hand Weapon, Thrown Weapon, Crossbow.
Occupational Skills: Necrotech 1, Intimidation 1
Starting Assets: 75gc.

Necromancer Abilities: Backstab, Blood Spiller, Camouflage, Dodger, Immunity Corrsion
Necromancer Connections:
Necromancer Military Skills: Archery 3, Crossbow 3, Hand Weapon 3, Thrown Weapon 2, Unarmed Combat 2
Necromancer Occupational Skills: General Skills 4, Sneak 3, Necrotech 3
Necromancer Spells: From Necromancy list.

Necromancy Spells
Cost 1
Dark Mist: As Blizzard
Darkness: Cost 1, Range Self, AOE Ctrl, gain cover of darkness, you are not affected by it.
Dead Flesh: Cost 1, Range 6, target gains +1 ARM
Necrotic Strike: Cost 1, Range 8, Power 8.
Plague: Cost 1, Range 6, Target suffers -3 to resist poison, disease or infection.
Protection from Corrosion: See book.
Raise: Raise a basic Thrall from a corpse for a day.

Cost 2
Bleed: Cost 2, Range 8, Power 10 – Killing a target heals d3 damage.
Caustic Mist: Cost 2, Range CTRL, AOE 3, Models moving into or ending movement in area take 1 damage.
Iron Blight: Cost 2, Range 8, Warjacks/Machines take d6 damage.
Malediction: Cost 2, Range 6, Enemies within melee range of target suffer -2 Arm and Def.
Necrophage: Cost 2, Range 8, Power 8. If it kills the target it explodes in AOE 3 with Power 8.
Scything Touch: Cost 2, Range 6, Target gains +2 STR
Venom: Cost 2, Range Spray, Power 10. Corrosion to those hit.
Resurrect: Raise a warrior thrall from a corpse for a day.

Cost 3
Blood Rain: Cost 3, Range 8, AOE 3, Power 12. Corrosion.
Breath of Corruption: Cost 3, Range 8, AOE 3, Power 12 – All moving in or ending in area takes 1 damage.
Consumption: Cost 3, Range 10 – Warjack/machine takes d6 damage, roll additional die for each 1-2 rolled.
Crippling Grasp: Cost 3, Range 8, Target suffers -2 move, Strength, Def, Arm.
Ghost Walk: Cost 3, Range 6, Target can move through walls/terrain/obstacles ignoring penalties/attacks.
Hellfire: Cost 3, Range 10, Power 14, causes fear.
Parasite: Cost 3, Range 8. Target reduces ARM by -3, caster increases ARM by +1 and heals 1 damage each turn.
Shadow Wings: Cost 3, Range Self, Move up to 10” ignoring all penalties and attacks.
Return: Raise a basic thrall permanently. You may only maintain double your ARC in thralls.

Cost 4
Cloak of Shadows: Cost 4, Range Caster – Cannot be charged, slammed or targeted/attacked one turn.
Dark Seduction: Cost 4, Range 6, take control of target.
Death Knell: Cost 4, Range 8, SOE 4, Pow 10, +1 Pow for each target (past the first) in the AOE.
Imprison: Cost 4, Range Caster, AOE 5. Nobody may enter or leave this area. It is treate a having ARM 20 and is dissipated if it takes damage.
Scourge: Cost 4, Range 8, AOE 3, Power 13 – All targets hit are knocked down.
Lazarus: Raise a warrior thrall permanently. You may only maintain double your ARC in thralls.

Necrotech Skill (Int)
Can be used as Medicine to repair undead/necrotech creatures and devices.
Constructing Necrotech creatures requires ingredients, time and rolls. Organic parts are destroyed in the making other parts can be recovered.

Necrotech Lab: 500 gc +2 to Necrotech rolls to repair/manufacture necrotech.
Necrotech Field Kit: 50 gc Necessary to work Necrotech in the field.
Human Corpse: 30 gc (black market)
Necrotic Capacitor: 10 gc, enough to animate a creature for a month.
Necrotic Turbine: 500gc, enough to animate a creature indefinitely.
Necrotic Accumulator: 50 gc, enough to animate a creature for a year.
Reanimation Plate: 150 gc.

Maksa-Jazra – Cultures

Cultures replace the more normal racial options. These are examples/ideas and by no means exhaustive. A culture provides a +1 bonus to one Stat, a -1 penalty to another and either access to a skill you would not normally be able to get (from your class) OR a +1 bonus to a skill – if it’s a basic skill or one you have access to from your class.

Plus Minus Culture Skill
Charisma Constitution Civilised Mercantile Craft
Charisma Dexterity Nomadic Herders Bushcraft
Charisma Intelligence Simple Settlers Land Lore
Charisma Strength Decadent Lore (Blank)
Charisma Wisdom Wandering Traders Bushcraft
Constitution Charisma Insular Barbarians Bushcraft
Constitution Dexterity Settled Herders Bushcraft
Constitution Intelligence Primitive Theocracy Spirituality
Constitution Strength Swamp Dweller Bushcraft
Constitution Wisdom Primitives Bushcraft
Dexterity Charisma Insular Woodsmen Bushcraft
Dexterity Constitution Hunter Gatherers Bushcraft
Dexterity Intelligence Fleet Nomads Bushcraft
Dexterity Strength Civilised Crafters Craft
Dexterity Wisdom Civilised Explorers Alchemy/Tinker
Intelligence Charisma Civilised Scholars Lore (Any)
Intelligence Constitution Cerebral Thinkers Lore (Any)
Intelligence Dexterity Philosophers Lore (Any)
Intelligence Strength Ruling Technocrats Lore (Any)
Intelligence Wisdom Scientific Elite Alchemy/Craft
Strength Charisma Bestial Raiders Deadly Strike
Strength Constitution Mudlarks & Toshers Search
Strength Dexterity Brutal Raiders Deadly Strike
Strength Intelligence Vicious Primitives Bushcraft
Strength Wisdom Piratical Raiders Search
Wisdom Charisma Theocratic Elite Spirituality
Wisdom Constitution Lonely Islanders Bushcraft
Wisdom Dexterity Decadent Religious Caste Spirituality
Wisdom Intelligence Mystic Tribe Spirituality
Wisdom Strength Lotus Eaters Spirituality


Maksa-Jazra: Mark of the Psion

All psionic characters are marked by taint. Non-Psions with taint are killed at birth within the Empire but amongst the tribes taint is more common.

When creating a free-tribe character roll d10.

1-7: No taint.
8-9: Roll one taint.
10: Roll two taints.

Psions begin play with two taints. Roll d100.

1. Always bleeding (from eyes, nose, mouth etc) -1 Con, -1 Cha.
2. Fanged – Can bite as a close combat attack for d4 damage.
3. Crab claw (roll for which hand, left or right), reduce dex by -1, can attack for D4 damage. -1 Cha.
4. Cyclops, reduce Wis by -1, -1 Cha.
5. Fungal symbiote – covered in growths and filaments, -1 Cha.
6. Insect infestation – they live inside and outside you. -1 Cha.
7. Ever-rotting, -1 Con, -1 Cha, +2 hp.
8. Slimy – You are covered with a dripping mucous that pours from your pores. +1 AC, -1 Cha.
9. Venomous – Your hand to hand attacks force a Save Vs Poison or they suffer an extra D6 damage.
10. Poisonous – Anything biting you or tasting your blood or flesh must make a Save Vs Poison or suffer d6 damage.
11. Tentacle – One arm is replaced by a tentacle. -1 Cha.
12. Psychedelic – Your skin and hair are a mass of swirling chromataphores. +1 AC.
13. Mist – You are surrounded by a mist that your body gives off and gain +1 AC vs ranged attacks.
14. Electrical – You constantly hum and crackle with power. Bare handed attacks or those with metal weapons do +1d6 damage, but anything you touch is charged/burnt/electrified.
15. Bioluminescent – You glow with a dim light. You may not use Stealth in darkness.
16. Wreathed in Shadow – Your shadows are deeper and larger than others. +1 Stealth.
17. Smoke – You are constantly surrounded by writhing, choking smoke. +2 AC vs ranged attacks.
18. Sticky – Your touch is tacky and gooey, clinging to things. +1 Climb.
19. Antennae – +1 Wisdom, -1 Charisma.
20. Unnatural beauty – +1 Charisma.
21. Extra arm – +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, -1 Charisma.
22. Bestial appearance – +1 Strength, +1 Constitution, -2 Charisma.
23. Barkflesh – Part plant, you are tough and woody. +1 Con, +1 AC, -1 Charisma.
24. Musical – Every movement creates chimes and sounds. You may not have Stealth.
25. Claws – Your hands end in wicked talons that can attack for 1d4 damage. -1 Charisma. -1 Dexterity.
26. Third Eye. +1 Wisdom, +1 Psi Point, -1 Charisma.
27. Wet – You are always dripping wet, your skin clammy and damp. -1 Charisma.
28. Feathered – Instead of hair you have feathers like a bird. -1 Charisma.
29. Burning – You are aflame and cannot wear clothing, only metal armour. Anything hitting you takes 1hp of damage, anything you hit takes +1 hp of damage. -1 Charisma.
30. Webbed – You have webbed hands and feet. -1 Charisma.
31. Furry – You are covered in soft, downy fur. -1 Charisma.
32. Giant – You are eight feet tall (ten if you roll this twice). +1 Str, +1 Con, -1 Charisma, -1 Dexterity.
33. Symbiotic Plant – Tendrils of greenery and flowers grow through your flesh. -1 Charisma.
34. Exaggerated/missing genitals. Roll 1d6 1-3 exaggerated, 4-6 missing. -1 Charisma.
35. Horn/s – You have a sharp horn protruding from your head. d6 damage, -1 Charisma.
36. Extra leg. -1 Charisma. Somewhat clumsy and unwieldy, movement reduced to 3/4.
37. Cold – You are icy cold, your breath misting. Anything hitting you takes 1 hp of damage, any of your attacks do +1 damage. -1 Charisma.
38. Cancerous lumps – You are covered in unsightly growths. -2 Charisma.
39. Missing limb – 1-3 arm, 4-6 leg, 1-3 left, 4-6 right. -1 Dex or 1/2 movement.
40. Twisted – Your limbs and flesh are twisted and deformed. -1 to a physical stat of your choice. -2 Charisma.
41. Covered in mouths – That chatter and whisper blasphemies. -2 Charisma.
42. Maw – Your mouth is full of fangs and your jaw can detach. You can bite for 1d6 damage. Cha -1.
43. Probe – In place of a mouth you have a long proboscis, you can only feed by drinking. -2 Charisma.
44. Stony Flesh – You grind and drip dust as you move. +2 AC, -1 Charisma.
45. Scaled – You are bald and covered in tough, flexible scales. +1AC, -1 Charisma.
46. Tail – Just a floppy, wagging tail. -1 Charisma.
47. Prehensile tail – A tail that can grip and move to balance you. +1 Climb.
48. Shelled – Your back and chest are covered in a hardy shell into which you can withdraw. +2/+4 AC (withdrawn), -2 Charisma.
49. Stinking – You have a foul smell. AC +1 in close combat against enemies with a sense of smell. -1 Wisdom, -2 Charisma.
50. Weeping Sores: -2 Charisma, -1 Constitution.
51. Mirrored – You have a shiny, reflective skin.
52. Spines – You are covered in spines that do d4 damage to anyone who hits you. -1 Charisma.
53. Sting – Somewhere in your body you have a sting. It can attack for d4 damage and force a save Vs poison or inflict an extra d6 damage.
54. Striped.
55. Spotted.
56. Pure black skin.
57. Pure white skin.
58. Red skin.
59. Orange skin.
60. Yellow skin.
61. Green skin.
62. Blue skin.
63. Purple skin.
64. Living Skeleon: your skin and flesh are tight to your bones. -1 Str, -1 Con, -2 Cha.
65. Extra nipple/breast.
66. Barbed: You are covered in hooked thorns like a rose. 1 hp of damage to anyone hitting you in close combat, -1 Cha
67. Wings – Non functional but can help break your fall. -1 Cha. Roll this twice and you can glide (but still not fly).
68. Transparent flesh: -2 Cha.
69. Blurred: You are hard to see, your image a blurry smear. +2 AC, -2 Cha.
70. Diseased: Anyone you touch must make a Save Vs Poison or fall ill, losing -2 Con for a week.
71. Flaky skin: You constantly have dry flakes of skin falling from your flesh. -2 Cha.
72. Bony nubs – Your skeleton grows out in body ‘balls’ that push against the skin. +1 AC, -1 Charisma.
73. Levitate – You hover an inch about the ground.
74. Conjoined Twin – A foetus attached, prominently to your flesh. Sometimes it wakes up.
75. Glowing eyes -1 Charisma.
76. Patterned skin.
77. Covered in eyes, -2 Charisma, +2 Wisdom.
78. Swollen skull: -2 Charisma +1 Intelligence.
79. Constant pain: -2 con, +5 hp.
80. Choral voice.
81. Hunchback: -1 Cha.
82. Dwarfism: -1 Con, -1 Str, -1 Cha, considered ‘small’.
83. Rapid growing hair: At least six feet long if not cut every day.
84. Unusual hair colour: d10: 1-white, 2-black, 3-red, 4-orange, 5-yellow, 6-green, 7-blue, 8-purple, 9-transparent, 10-roll twice.
85. Glowing halo.
86. Cloven hooves: -1 Cha, no need for shoes.
87. Mute.
88. Deaf.
89. Dumb.
90. Blind.
91. Grotesquely obese. Half movement, +2 Con, +1 Strength, -2 Charisma.
92. Assymetrical: Your body is larger/different on one side than the other. Reduce Charisma by -1, reduce one physical stat by -1 and increase another by +1.
93. Pheromones: +2 Cha.
94. Bat ears: +1 Wis, -1 Cha.
95. Camouflage skin: +1 Stealth.
96. Hideous aspect: -2 Charisma.
97. Night vision: Big cat eyes, can see in low-light conditions. +1 Wisdom.
98. Metal skin: 3/4 movement, +3 AC.
99. Twisted regeneration: Wounds heal with cancerous growths. You must constantly ‘trim’ your flesh. Regeneration 1 hp per turn. -2 Charisma.
100. Perfected Gift of the Changing God: +1 to all stats.