Direct Support

As I’m writing this, various problems are occurring with Patreon and similar support services, leading to a massive exodus. I am a small scale creator without a huge Patreon income, but it does make a big difference. There’s no perfect solution as payment processors (rather than Patreon per se) are the root cause of the issues. Still, I wanted to give people another option while we wait for things to shake out.

Depending on how things develop, this may become a permanent solution, in which case I will set up an email list and newsletter for subscribers.

Tiers are:

  • Goblin – £2 per month (a snack)
  • Hobgoblin – £5 per month (a shot or two of whisky)
  • Orc – £10 – per month (rice and a main dish curry)

Goblin Subscription

Hobgoblin Subscription

Orc Subscription