LUMENERA: Destiny Roleplaying Using Numenera


Despite something of a lukewarm reception from many, I’ve really been enjoying Destiny and it seemed, to me, to be a perfect translation into a Tabletop RPG for a deeper experience. Numenera seemed the most obvious fit, given that it already slotted neatly into three classes and the degree of player agency that it provides.

Here’s a rough, raw, document version for now.

This is purely a fan thing, but if you feel like supporting me in producing game material personally and professional you can support me on Patreon or support my current professional project, a Gor RPG and world/art book.


6 responses to “LUMENERA: Destiny Roleplaying Using Numenera

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  2. Has there been any more work on this project? Perhaps updated for TTK with new subclasses?

      • I have actually taken what you started and begun working on it using Monte Cooks Cypher System Rulebook. Not for public use, but for my own playgroup, who all play Destiny. There is a lot missing as the original document was written only a few weeks after destiny released.

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