#RPG Inappropriate Characters Episode 2

#RPG Industry Rocked by Sean Patrick Fannon Accusations

#AprilTTRPGmaker Favourite interview?

Probably this one. Years back, but it’s showing what I’ve consistently tried to do ever since. To reach across this ‘SJW’ divide and create understanding. No progress has, however, been made. The divisions remain, there’s nobody on the other side really willing to listen – whether it’s in tabletop, video games, fiction writing or anything else.

Why I Hate Unicorns

#RPG – A Critique of ‘Privilege, Power, & Dungeons & Dragons: How Systems Shape Racial & Gender Identities in TTRPGS

#RPG – Grim’s Gaming Guide – What is Roleplaying?

This is the question all gamers dread, because it’s really hard to express to people what happens. What better place to start a series on roleplaying than with attempting to answer that question?