#RPG #My30dayworld – What Rare & Interesting Races Inhabit Your World?

photoHumans are going to be the most populous and available race, but – as with Machinations of the Space Princess – I want things to be wide open for people to play almost anything that they want to and for every monstrous intelligent race to be potentially available. The rules in MotSP are great for this – it’s one of the greatest strengths of the system – but still I need a more established world this time, as the scope is much smaller than a galaxy…

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#RPG – #My30dayWorld – Are Constructs Common in Your World? What is their Role?


By default, I am not going to consider constructs to be especially common. Giving life to something would require a massive amount of magical energy, energy not typically easy to find – especially compared to the half-life that undead manage, often only able to sustain it through cannibalism, murder, blood drinking or sacrifice. Constructs are – rather – things that have been given a kind of permanent life, lending animation to an otherwise inanimate object like a statue, clockwork, carving or golem…

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#RPG #TTRPG #My30dayWorld – Who Dominates the Political Spheres of Your World?

014e08dd227fb5c8a7ff229228a6067d.jpgThe main and obvious split in the politics of the world I’m describing is between the revolutionary and expansionist Comity and the various monarchical nations that remain, as well as the thaumatocracies (magic rules)of the remaining Philosopher Kings. Being a fantasy setting, with many different races and peoples and large an dangerous monsters, there’s plenty of scope for other groups and forces acting on a smaller level and for wilderness, since most of civilisation will be fortress-farms and walled cities…

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#RPG – A Critique of ‘Privilege, Power, & Dungeons & Dragons: How Systems Shape Racial & Gender Identities in TTRPGS

#RPG – #My30dayWorld – #TTRPG – Who Opposes Evil and Injustice in Your World

jack_halfaprayerRather than ‘opposing evil and injustice’ I more want to explore the idea of youth, rebellion and change against calcification, order, age and tradition. This can be both good and bad. The typical adventuring party I would see as being young (in spirit at least), transgressive agents out for their own fulfilment but as a consequence of that self-indulgent quest, also tearing down the villains. You could frame this as morality versus ethics, or chaos versus order – if you wanted to get all academic about it.

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#RPG – Grim’s Gaming Guide – What is Roleplaying?

This is the question all gamers dread, because it’s really hard to express to people what happens. What better place to start a series on roleplaying than with attempting to answer that question?

#RPG – #My30dayWorld – Which Faction in Your World is Feared and Reviled?

Lich_KingIt really depends who you are and where you are. The rich fear the poor, the poor fear the rich, The Comity threatens to overturn the existing social order and magicians and sorcerers are feared for their potential just as they, in turn, fear the torch-wielding mob. I think, perhaps, that this is referring more to those that are truly, irredeemably and absolutely feared and reviled, rather than those where it is more situational…

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