#RPG #TTRPG #My30dayWorld – What Mystical Material is Valued in Your World?

combat_alchemist_at_work_by_fstitzThe raw stuff of magic exists in a separate realm from the main, material reality and is channelled into the reality and made manifest by various forms of practice. At its base magic is the source of everything, every rock, every tree is just a material expression of magic. The same way a sphere passing through a two-dimensional plane manifests as a growing and shrinking circle. Magic is brought through and made into things – effects, items, fireballs and so on – by patterns of speech, gesture, writing, patterns and other configurations. Raw magic rarely makes it through to the real world, and so it is rare, mystical and valuable…

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#RPG #TTRPG #My30dayWorld – How Safe is it to Travel in Your World?

mountains landscapes rocks fantasy art the elder scrolls caravan the elder scrolls iii morrowind_www.artwallpaperhi.com_78

Fantasy worlds, or at least the interesting ones, are full of monsters, megafauna, hostile tribes, peoples and humanoids and – in this setting – mutated and twisted lands and creatures on top of that. So, travel is – putting it mildly – incredibly unsafe. The consequence of this is that cities are fortresses – as much or more than in the real world – and only well-plied and well-patrolled roads are truly safe. This is an idea I have used before, and only seems sensible in most fantasy worlds in games that I’ve ever read or played in, but is rarely implemented. It’s an idea almost as old as my independent RPG career, first showing up in Cloak of Steel and cemented by a viewing of Attack on Titan…

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#RPG #TTRPG #My30dayWorld – Who Dominates the Political Spheres of Your World?

014e08dd227fb5c8a7ff229228a6067d.jpgThe main and obvious split in the politics of the world I’m describing is between the revolutionary and expansionist Comity and the various monarchical nations that remain, as well as the thaumatocracies (magic rules)of the remaining Philosopher Kings. Being a fantasy setting, with many different races and peoples and large an dangerous monsters, there’s plenty of scope for other groups and forces acting on a smaller level and for wilderness, since most of civilisation will be fortress-farms and walled cities…

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#RPG – #TTRPG – #My30dayWorld – What Iconic Monsters Live in Your World?

c4cOne of the strengths of Machinations of the Space Princess was its wide open capability to create any kind of character – and also monster – that you wanted to. While there will be many of the usual fantasy staples, goblins, orcs and so forth, I want to give them my own spin. At the same time, the history that I have sketched out gives the opportunity for all manner of magical crossbreeds, mutations and strangeness…

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#RPG – #My30dayWorld – #TTRPG – Who Opposes Evil and Injustice in Your World

jack_halfaprayerRather than ‘opposing evil and injustice’ I more want to explore the idea of youth, rebellion and change against calcification, order, age and tradition. This can be both good and bad. The typical adventuring party I would see as being young (in spirit at least), transgressive agents out for their own fulfilment but as a consequence of that self-indulgent quest, also tearing down the villains. You could frame this as morality versus ethics, or chaos versus order – if you wanted to get all academic about it.

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#RPG – #My30dayWorld – What is the Cosmology of your World? Other Planes?


I don’t want to make things as complex, and frankly silly, as happens in other games, with a multitude of different realities all impinging on one another. I also want to leave certain things in question in a way that they are not in other games. Are the gods real? Is there a heaven or a hell? Is there an afterlife of any real kind? Is there good or evil in any real, meaningful sense or is it all subjective and according to your own perceptions? At the same time I want there to be a ‘metaphysical’ basis to certain ideas and concepts, a reality – if a questionable one – to spirituality and an explanation of things like ‘level’ (why some characters are so much more powerful than others)…

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#RPG – #My30dayWorld – What is your World’s Biggest Secret?

f96fbe59f5e9884632bd46fcfcb53542--so-true-truthsIf you tell people your biggest secret, then it’s not really a secret any longer. SLA Industries has long been spoiled since The Truth came out, even though The Truth changed. Warhammer Fantasy has – at several points – been hinted to both a lost world in the 40k setting, and not. There’s no point to secrets if they don’t stay secret, but if you reveal them in your books then everyone knows them, and if you don’t, then players and Games Masters can get resentful or you can screw up their campaigns as and when you release canonical material…

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