Things Being Made (but not by me)

If you’d like something promoted, hit me up and if I like the look of it I’ll give you a little blurb and a link. Don’t forget that even though Inside Gamergate is funded, you can still back that too.

For those who haven’t yet tired of Pirates of the Caribbean (probably few of you) or think you could do a better job (probably a lot of you) the Savage Worlds RPG Buccaneer has funded, but you can still get in and fund it if you want to get in early.


There’s also a card game being Kickstarted that looks like it might be a little fun. ‘Le Neckbeard’ takes some slightly stale memes and turns them into a criteria-meeting card game where you battle to collect the most Waifus.



#RPG #Gor – Fan Expansion for The Silver Cult


Emma of Gor has created a rather lovely ‘insert’ for different adventuring possibilities in our Silver Cult adventure. So why not check it out?


The Silver Cult

#RPG – Tales of Gor Q&A in Second Life


I shall be hosting Q&A for ‘Tales of Gor’, ‘World of Gor’ and the adventure books – and future development – in world in the City of Tharna. If you use Second Life and want to participate, follow THIS SLurl (and please be nice to our hosts).

If you can’t make it, feel free to submit questions about the game, its development and its future to my

The Q&A will run twice today, once at 2pm UK time, once at 10pm UK time.

Freelance Services – What do you need?

e7b78dbc67590b238520d54605e9c65b.jpgI offer a bunch of services already, but am trying to expand what I can offer and the work I can do as writing and self publishing is taking a bit of a squeeze and living costs are rising here. Brexit on the horizon means things are likely to get worse before they get better.

So I’ve tried to think what I can do and what I can offer, I’ve done a few consultations and so on, but it would be helpful to know what I do that people may find useful. I’m not very good at self-aggrandisement or self promotion.

So let me know!

#RPG – IRC Q&A Tonight

tumblr_neni32CKKu1s2wio8o1_1280RPGNet chat between me and Dan Davenport with some open questions (and hopefully not too many trolls).

To join:

Log to be posted at:

(Where you can find logs of previous Q&A)

#RPG – A Review for ‘World of Gor’

210277From John. A. over on RPGNOW.

The Gor section at RPGNOW can be found HERE.

The World of Gor: Gorean Roleplaying World Encyclopedia is a fantastic addition to the Tales of Gor rpg. First the technical points. The pdf’s organization was well done. It contains an introduction section on Gor, followed by the author’s experience with Gor, a summation of all 34 Gorean series books, and then a chapter by chapter, A to Z encyclopedia. I’m a sucker for a well laid out book.

The content itself is phenomenal. The book is worth it even if you don’t play the rpg but just enjoy the book series. I know from now on, that when I read Norman’s books, I’ll have this handy so I can look things up quickly and easily. As a gaming tool, it’ll make explaining aspects of Gor to the group a breeze. For example, castes can be a rather daunting task to explain. With the encyclopedia, I have an entry for each caste, that describes their profession, dress, and general lot in life. Great detail has been given to each entry within.

The encyclopedia doesn’t just tackle the “low hanging fruit” either by just giving certain topics like slavery one entry. But instead, we get the whole picture. I now can confidently understand and explain the intricate and complicated concepts of Gorean slavery to my group. Or Kaissa, a game like chess on Gor, could have had a simple entry but instead we essentially get the game explained to us. With entries such as this, my Gor rpg can come alive for my players because it gives me the tools to do so.

gor_slavegirl_alphaNormally, I’d have to go to various websites to prepare background information or go from book to book of Norman’s work to prepare for a game like Gor. Now, it is all at my fingertips. If you are a fan of Gor, I recommend this book, just like I did the actual rpg. They are wonderful reading enhancements to the world. And if you are a Gor rpg player, then to me, this is a must! Also, the price is very, very fair for the amount of time and work that must have went into creating this encyclopedia!

#RPG – The Silver Cult RELEASED!

211703The Silver Cult thrusts the characters into a conspiracy that threatens to overturn the natural order of Gor and the city of Tharna. Will they side with the revolutionaries who seek to usurp the power of that city, or help crush the rebellion?

This supplement also contains rules for slave-breaking and torture, and for encouraging better roleplay through mechanics.

Ta Sardar Gor!

You can get it in PDF at RPGNOW HERE. (Make sure you log in and activate ‘adult content’).

Or in print HERE.

The Gor section at RPGNOW can be found HERE.