#RPG – The Cathedral of Misogyny RELEASED!

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There’s a long history of ‘silly’ adventures in tabletop gaming. Even professional modules were often replete with puns, nonsense and other silliness. Some of the most iconic monsters and strange things in Dungeons and Dragons started out as jokes, in-jokes, or silly improvisations and this is something that has become a little lost in more modern times.

This adventure was prepared as an introductory adventure for a new player, hosted in an online session over Google Hangouts (isn’t modern technology wonderful?) As such, it’s full of bad jokes, puns and nonsense relating to online culture and the culture of computer gaming – which they were more familiar with. Still, you may enjoy it and if nothing else it may inspire you to include a little silliness – and some more pop culture references – in your own games.

The Cathedral of Misogyny
The Cathedral of Misogyny is a reference to 4chan. It was intended as a hyperbolic insult to that imageboard but – of course – everyone just thought it was hilarious and embraced it. As a reference to 4chan, it’s a perfect vehicle for re-purposing memes (in many ways the modern equivalent of puns) and using fantasy to make fun of our modern lives and situations. There are, of course, many people who will have no sense of humour about this sort of thing. That’s fine, they can be miserable. I, however, think that there is a great deal of value in laughing both at ourselves and at others – and that’s what this is for. With an irreverent group that can get into the right mood, this should present a great evening or two of fun.

Rough as Toast
‘Rough as Toast’ in this instance indicates a new line of low budget products that are kind of designed to be throwaway ideas, disposable content, silly experiments and so on. They’re not made to such a high standard as normal, but should still be fun. Also cheap.

#RPG – Consultancy Services Available


As you should already know I have recently expanded my business to offer editing, writing, layout and other assistance to other RPG publishers. These services include consultancy in which I can offer my experience and knowledge, good and bad, of RPG publishing over 15 years to help businesses new and old cope better and maximise their opportunities.

Today I completed a consultancy session with Paul Fields of Evil Robot Games and he had this to say:

I spoke with Jim across a wide range of topics related to RPG publishing. His insights were valuable to me, it would have cost me much more to figure out the publishing, marketing and product selection issues on my own. In marketing he explained to me the marketing options of a major market maker and which ones worked best, which ones weren’t worth your time. I could easily go to the site’s page to see what their offerings are, but they wouldn’t necessarily lead me to the most cost effective options with the better conversion rates. I could use the tools on the site to analyze the sales and conversion rates after paying for ads, but that’s the long way around. We talked about the kinds of RPG products I would like to create, the pricepoints associated with digital products and which products tended to sell better than others. We talked about how product bundling creates a higher perceived value, even if the discounts on individual items weren’t significant. I will be focussing several new RPG projects specifically based on the conversation we had today. All in all a good value for my money.

If you’d like to employ any of my services, I’m sure I can provide you with some value for money. Please do get in touch via social media or email (grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk) and be sure to check out Evil Robot while you’re at it.


Back on the Horse

It’s time to get back up to speed. I need to get back to working more fully after years of illness and – until a recent wobble – I was on course to going back to full time work. Because of illness (and controversy) I am pretty set back at the moment, but it’s time to put that effort in to overcome that.

JZ2FnTDFThat said, this means I’m looking for additional freelance work.

I am a 15+ year veteran of the tabletop game publishing world with experience in freelancing and self publishing. I’ve worked for Wizards of the Coast, Steve Jackson Games, Nightfall, Cubicle Seven Entertainment and more. I have also written fiction and worked on social media computer games, packing a lot of meaning into short pieces of text. As a self-publisher I have overseen every step of the publication process from concept through to publications including writing, editing, layout and modification.

Here’s some of the services I can offer, and the minimum prices offered – though anything is negotiable up or down depending on the client.

  • New writing (raw text) $0.03c/word.
  • Proofreading/Light Editing/Commentary $0.01c/word (second and third deeper passes are possible).
  • ePublishing/RPG Publishing consultation Skype/Hangout/Call $20/hour.
  • Consultation on your game project $20/hour.
  • Layout (InDesign) $10 an hour.
  • Full service male escort… oops, wait, no, this is the wrong blog for that…

I’m also looking for light work – preferably office work – in the Whitchurch/Andover area in the UK. If anyone has any leads on any part or full time (work week) positions that are available. Please let me know. Equally, if there are any blogs or websites looking for writers or contributors do let me know, provided it pays at least something!

#RPG Fistful of Horror 3 RELEASED!

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If you – like most Games Masters – run out of ideas for adventures – then the Fistful series provides plenty of fodder for you, sparking your imagination and giving you a situation and several possible interpretations to run with. This can be all the spark you need to wing the rest of the session and end up with a good adventure for everyone.

You can find hundreds more adventure seeds HERE

In Memoriam: Craig Green

311785_10150362606105516_1867577023_nI just found out that my friend and long time member of my roleplaying group, Craig, died last week of natural causes. I tend to withdraw when something shocking like this happens so I’m kind of hurrying to get my thoughts down before that happens, so I apologise if my eulogy is a little crude, unflattering or disjointed but I wanted to say something immediate and honest rather than to wait. I wanted to give a human reaction instead of a measured or artificial one.

I never liked Craig when I first met him. We were both very active players in the Camarilla LARP society and my characters often found themselves at odds with his characters and – in the manner of the way that organisation went – that meant we often found ourselves at odds out-of-character as well. I found him camp, pretentious and later when I was the one Storytelling for him, he was an obtuse and difficult bastard with bizarre characters that were really difficult to create or moderate stories for. Still, he won over friends and we shared friends and seemed to relax into a kind of reasonably affable détente.

Once I left the Camarilla I didn’t see much of him that often. I moved out to the countryside and couldn’t travel much any more while he cemented his friendship with our mutual friends and so – once I started seeing them more again and roleplaying with them, he was present. To the point of house-sharing with them and becoming part of our regular gaming groups.

We moved from that détente into friendship, though not a particularly close friendship (I always felt he disapproved of me in some way for some reason) and I began to appreciate his presence. He was still a difficult bastard with whimsical, hard-to-gamesmaster-for characters though, which often led me to tear my hair out to the point I was nearly as bald as he was.

However much he’d rub me the wrong way, Craig had a mastery of the art of joke-sniping, sliding a humorous comment into the middle of a conversation only to have it detonate as a laughter bomb in the middle of you talking. I appreciated his kindness and willingness to help others – he was a nurse – and his constantly upbeat attitude which I could never (and will never be) able to replicate. That most of all, that ready smile and that wicked glint in the eye.

He’ll be missed for all that.

He is, just about, the first peer I’ve lost to natural causes. I’ve lost people to accidents, to suicide, to many unnatural causes but never really, until now, to the simple failing of the body. It’s strange that, that should be so affecting, but it is. More so, even, than when someone has taken their own life. Perhaps because it’s just so arbitrary and bloody unfair.

The deaths of others always end up being about those of us left to carry on, those who remain.

That’s OK.

That’s not selfish.

Our memories and our stories are the closest thing to immortality that exists. We influence and affect one another, we teach each other things and give each other stories. We pass those stories on and so our friend live on, through us. Echoing into infinity.

#TheTriggering – Commemorative Discounts!

triggeredThe Triggering is a social media event (#TheTriggering) proposed by libertarian commenter and reporter Lauren Southern as a sort of ‘online demonstration’ in favour of free speech and free expression and to raise awareness of Social Justice Warrior interference and threats to those fundamental human rights and to a free internet. Lauren knows better than many the kind of problems that face free speech advocates having both been thrown out of a protest for staging a counter-protest and, more recently, being assaulted (with a bottle of urine no less) for having a different opinion.

The ‘public square’ is increasingly in private hands and under private control, but is also being used by proxy to censor and control opinion. Whether it’s Twitter’s dubiously Orwellian ‘Trust and Safety’ council or Zuckerberg cooperating with the German government to suppress negative stories about immigration, we have to admit that there is an issue and it’s an issue that has been thrown into sharp relief by the conflicts on college and university campuses and the febrile atmosphere surrounding almost any piece of entertainment that intersects – however fractionally – with PC hotbutton issues.

You don’t have to agree with people to agree that they have a right to speak. I’m a left-anarchist and a pragmatic socialist, yet I support Lauren Southern’s right to espouse her Libertarian ideals. I worry about the demonisation of immigrants, but I believe people have a right to express their concerns about that (and genuinely worrying stories are being suppressed there too). There’s suggestions recently that media companies, including social media companies, are going to collude to exclude and undermine Trump now. I would gladly gnaw my own leg off if it would prevent Trump being president, but he has a right to express whatever opinions are most popular at the time and will win him votes. That’s democracy, that’s freedom, that’s the principle of free speech.

I’ve made games and presented ideas that people find objectionable and I’ve been censored, pilloried, boycotted and banned for it (or, more often, for ideas that people have assigned to me) so I’m presenting some of those ideas (games) under discount to participate in #TheTriggering because not only have these games ‘triggered’ people, but shilling a product on a hashtag will ‘trigger’ a whole other set of people.

Exercise your free speech and free expression today. Say something controversial. Air an opinion that might upset someone. Buy some porn, read 1984 or Huckleberry Finn, post a ‘problematic’ joke. Flex those rights and shake the tree, see who actually believes in free speech and who doesn’t.

And for those SJWs blocking the tag, or anyone that posts on it… you’re proving that we don’t need censorship and that you’re capable of maintaining your challenge-free bubble all by yourselves. You’re also proving the need for this event – which I hope becomes as annually celebrated as Draw Mohammed Day.



Discounts are available for 48 hours ONLY, ending on the 11th of March.

The Little Grey Book [Pay What You Want]: A simple party game that plays off the hypercritical panopticon of social media.

Hentacle [Marked down to $2.50]: A comedy print-and-play card game of tentacle rape, which is such an absurd concept it’s just inherently laughable. Apparently some people fear for the welfare of drawings and genuinely fear being molested by cephalopods. #TeachOctopiNotToRape

Cthentacle [Marked down to $2.50]: A slightly different and simpler/faster version of Hentacle, but with a Cthulhu theme and many, many horrendous Lovecraftian puns. Of note is that poor, dead racist HP Lovecraft’s head used to be used as the World Fantasy Award prize, but this was changed due to conerns about his racism. Short of a visit by Herbert West I don’t really see how Lovecraft’s racism could really be a problem for anyone any more. He’s dead. Then again #RhodesMustFall so apparently we have to erase history and ignore influential figures for wrongthink. Down the memory hole…

Privilege Check [Marked down to $2.00]: The less privileged you are… the more privileged you are. This was the basic hypocrisy behind ‘the progressive stack’ which came to prominence during the Occupy movement. Equality, apparently, is not a good way to treat people and the best way to cure *ism is to be *ist. Irony is missing from a lot of dictionaries it seems. This game triggered the hell out of a lot of people when it came out and it’s a bluffing/tactical card game that mocks the progressive stack.

Gamergate Card Game [No discount, sorry!]: This was SO triggering that it, unlike the material above, was censored off my usual sales site. This despite it containing no graphic depictions of tentacle sex, nor any off colour jokes about racial/gender/etc politics the way Privilege Check does. Just invoking the name of the consumer revolt was sufficient to bring down a gang of crybabies to get it taken down.

If you’re interested in our other products, though none are really as controversial, you can grab our catalogues, which make it easier to find stuff than using the site navigation.

2016 Catalogues for Easy Purchasing

We’ve put out two catalogues today to make purchasing our products easier.

THE MAIN CATALOGUE contains everything we’ve ever made (so far) and links via the titles to PDFs, hardcopy books and physical card and board games.

THE PUBLISHERS CATALOGUE contains links to all our stock art, with preview pictures. This is a much easier and faster way to locate our stock art than the existing search functions or scrolling/page breakdown on the websites and is highly recommended.

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