Postmortem Studios Update 3/9/18


Art by Dmitriy Masaltsev

Hello all!

I’m taking a break from the daily updates on the blog, but there’ll still be plenty over on the Youtube channel (PostmortemVideo).

I continue to work on the next Gor adventure and my next full game, The Green. I have a lot of backed-up stock art to put on sale, which will be coming along soon. I also was hit by the inspiration bug after getting grumpy about the fuss around Vampire 5th Edition so something might happen there too.

I have commissioned writers to produce Gor adventures in the past and to keep things going those opportunities are now open again. These are assigned projects, there’s no room at present for unsolicited adventure ideas. If you know the game system (d6) and world background, reach out and we’ll see what we can figure out. Payment will be around $200 for approximately 6,000 words (around 3c per word).

shirtWe have a new T-shirt design up at Teespring – the evolution of gamers – so check that (and our other shirts) out, including the Tales of Gor designs (in caste colours no less!).

If you’re an artist in need of commissions, I’m looking to commission more art to sell as stock art and as testers for future projects. Standard rates available are:

A4 B&W: $100, A4 Colour: $200, A5 B&W $50, A5 Colour $100, A6 B&W $25, A6 Colour $10-15 (though negotiation is more than possible).

If any artists want to work with us as a storefront to sell their own stock art, we have an established presence and reputation that could work for you if you choose to work with us, and plan to have an independent sales-point at some point next year. Hopefully, this will also allow me to host and sell games material that suffers from censorship on other sales points, but this is in the very early stages.

This month I’d like to draw people’s attention to two places they can discuss Postmortem Studios games and other activity. We have a woefully undersubscribed Reddit page, and a Discord server which is pretty chill and suitable for hanging out and talking about things. Do join us there.


Jeremy Hambly (Unsleeved Media/The Quartering) attacked at Gencon 2018

There aren’t words for how fucking livid this makes me.

#RPG Stock Art MEGABUNDLE deal! Support the Zelart Scholarship

248772We do a lot of stock art at Postmortem Studios, it’s a great way to expand our art library and to support artists. We also do a scholarship every year, paid for by proceeds from the preceding year’s art.

We’ve just hit 100 (at least in terms of stock number) and that seems like a good time to throw out a MEGABUNDLE!

This is over 100 pieces of art, of various genres and types, and makes a great starter-kit for a new RPG publisher or for someone who likes a lot of handouts and props for their games.

If this sounds like you, and you want to help support genre artists through school or times of hardship, head on over and hit that buy button!

If you are an artist and would like to donate art to be sold in support of this effort, please contact me at: grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk.

If you would like to use our established sales-front to sell your own stock art, contact me at the above email address as well.

#RPG – Postmortem Studios July Update


It is entirely too goddamn hot.

Way too hot.

It’s hotter than a round-bottomed girl in short-short that someone’s set fire to.

New meds and (finally) some financial assistance with my mental issues have made things a lot easier and less stressful here. You can’t honestly measure the positive effect a little better financial security can have. I’m back to being somewhat productive every day and that’s a start.

Of course, the aim is to use this boost to get to a point where I don’t need the help any longer, which means continuing to work hard and investing that little extra bit of financial security in the future.

Gor products will continue to come out – The Cave of Gold came out last month and Brad continues to churn out the stock art, I’m also in talks with Toby for more Tobyart and am still uploading donated and commissioned art for the Zelart Scholarship. Towards that ‘investment’ end though, I’m still going to be looking to commission new art specifically for stock art. If you want to be considered hit me up.

I’m also looking to partner with cosplayers, still, something I’ve wanted to try and do since… two-thousand-and-frigging-six. This whole idea is a somewhat crazy experiment, but if you’re a photogenic cosplayer/LARPer with an original character in the fantasy, horror, science fiction or post-apocalyptic genres let me know. This would be a smallish upfront payment and a 50/50 profit split plus promotion of social media, sites, photosets etc. Again, hit me up at the same link above if you have any interest.

Right now I’m working on the next Gor adventure, 05 Black Daggers, and the first book in the survival trilogy of games, The Green.

This month is Grimdark D&D month on the blog, teasers and portions of these articles will be available for free at and while those who sub on Patreon for as little as a buck a month or at for a token a month will get full access to these articles, which will be early brainstorming for a future crowdfunded project.

Patrons and Minds donors (Mentalists?) also get discounts on apparel from our Teespring store and from PDFs. So mosey on over there and give me your cash!

Also please, please, please sub to my Youtube channel and also Inappropriate Characters, the talk show I do with The RPGPundit and Venger Satanis.

Right, time to try and cool off and get some work done!



#RPG The Cave of Gold Released!

CaveOfGoldFrontThumbIn this adventure for the Tales of Gor roleplaying game, the characters are charged with investigating peculiar tales of a golden cave on the fringes of the Northern Forest.

Jailbreaks, bandits, panther girls and strange monsters all stand in their way, before they finally uncover a plot that has been unfurling for almost fifty years.

This book also contains Games Master tips for portraying alien mindsets and using smell in your games, especially with reference to the Priest Kings.

PDF Download

Print on Demand

gor_slavegirl_alphaFor the next couple of days you can use the check-out code FIFTEEN to get a discount on the PoD.

Gor Tshirts are coming!

#RPG #200WordRPG – 4 x 200 Word RPGs

243690I compiled my 200 Word RPGs into a little booklet.

You can download it as a ‘pay what you want’ from RPGNOW.

I hope you actually play them and enjoy them 🙂

#RPG – June Update & New TShirt!

560Check it out, we have a new shirt for sale!

Are you an ‘OG’ (Original Grognard)? Strut your stuff in the Lake Geneva Originals, Rollin’ 20s Motorcycle gang shirt!

Available in black or white and at different quality levels, or as a vest top, it joins the ranks of our other great shirts.

Here’ the STORE!

You’ll also find posters of our mosaic map of Gor there.

If you backed me, on or on Patreon you’d get discounts on these that would more than pay you back for supporting me!

Don’t forget to also check out my Youtube channel, and our new group vodcast, Inappropriate Characters.