#AprilTTRPGmaker Your workspace

20180404_134123.jpgI primarily work – when I can – in two spaces. The office – on a desktop machines – and the lounge – on a laptop. I have been known, on occasion, when particularly unwell, to work from bed (which I’m doing right now in fact).

In the lounge I can sprawl on the sofa, fire up Spotify and can be accompanied by the cats (they’re not allowed in the office normally, the little one chews wires). It’s also convenient for the exercise bike and treadmill as well as sporting the table that I eat my lunch on.

The office is more of a multi-purpose and shared space, so I don’t have as much room in there as I would like. It doubles as my main, serious workspace (layout etc) and my Youtube studio. When I’m well I also record other things, such as audiobooks and so on.

20180404_134159I like a bit of clutter (OK, a lot) as it makes me more comfortable to ‘nest’ in a space and mark my territory this way. Every so often though I’ll have a bit of a ‘fit’ and tidy everything up.

The lounge is useful for referencing fiction books, the office has most – but not all – of my RPG collection shelved within it.