#RPG – Tales of Gor Support Groups

207667If you like Tales of Gor (the Open D6 system published by us) then feel free to join one or all of these support groups for people who play the game. I’ll be there and present to answer questions as much as I can and you can share game ideas, beasts and NPCs there between each other, along with adventure ideas and so on.

There is a group on G+ (please keep in mind that G+ frowns on explicit material) HERE.

There is a group on Facebook (please keep in mind that the above goes double for FB) HERE.

If you prefer things uncensored and unfiltered and are migrating away from the big platforms, MINDS is a new social media contender and has a free expression stance. So there’s also a group for Gor HERE.

I don’t really go in much for dividing up my fans into discrete game communities, but there is a support group for Machinations of the Space Princess too, HERE.

Hope to see some of you there, where there’s a demand I may consider opening up new groups for games later on.

#AprilTTRPGmaker Describe your process

f16f1ae798f69278e0a4c4736b93218c11665f12The first and most important hook for me when writing a game is to have a good idea. That can take different forms, depending what exactly it is I’m doing. It can be a property I want to take on, a game I want to remake, a style or genre, even a system. Whatever the reason it needs to be a good one.

Then I brainstorm, scribbling down and pondering as many different aspects as I can. Relationships between system, theme, mood and goals. This usually ends up with a rather chaotic .txt document or pieces of scratch-paper with virtually indecipherable writing and doodles all over it.

Then I try to make order out of chaos. I ‘layout’ the book as intend to write it by chapter, section and subsection. EG:

Apres Vie – The Afterlife Game
Chapter 1: Introduction
     Intro Fic
     Postmortem Studios
          Contact/Social Media
Chapter 2: Character Creation

And so on…

If I have a solid idea of what I want, I may also commission art at this stage, to save time later on.

Then I start to write, in order, section by section, though occasionally pausing to rewrite previous sections, or jumping ahead to add notes or write sections that interrelate to the one I’m currently on.

Most of the actual writing is done on the laptop, switching to the desktop for editing (using various ‘cheats’ if I can’t afford an editor) and – eventually – layout.

I do the layout myself, exporting to PDF and tweaking for the various types of output I need, whether for print or download.


#RPG – SSS&S – The Pitch

A6520-2Over the next thirty days or so, I will be doing preliminary work and outlining plans and ideas for a fantasy setting for Machinations of the Space Princess, Sexy, Sleazy Swords & Sorcery. This first taste is free, but if you want early access to the ideas and rules that I am thinking of, you’ll need to sign up to my Makersupport or Patreon. You’ll also have the opportunity to provide feedback, make requests and so on.

Elevator Pitch
Alright, so this is a bit of a weird one. I am creating a fantasy world for Machinations of the Space Princess, which is a science fiction RPG, created as a derivation of Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Lamentations of the Flame Princess is, in turn, an ‘Old School Renaissance’ game, which is a derivation of early D&D, made possible by ‘retrocloning’ and the Open Gaming License.

It’s also a bit of a weird one in that MOTSP was an exercise in creating an implicit, rather than an explicit, game world and instead fixating on the rules as the main part of what I was doing. This time around I am concentrating far more on the game world than the rules (which are already written) and creating a new – and hopefully exciting – spin on the fantasy staples.

The average person speaks at about 130-140 words per minute, which means my ’30 second elevator pitch’ needs to be no more than about 65-70 words.

Alright, let’s go…

With this game world the MOTSP rules will be returning to their fantasy roots and bringing the best parts of what they do with them. This will be ‘sexy, sleazy, swords and sandals’, with an emphasis on freedom of choice and action in its rules and new, interesting and ‘edgy’ takes on the standard monsters and races that people expect, as well as the openness to play almost anything.


#RPG – Postmortem Studios April Update


I know, I know, I’ve been slack. Still really struggling with fuckbrain issues, but they seem – hopefully – to be somewhat on the mend.


Here’s what’s going on…

The Gor license has been renewed for three years, giving me time and space to put out more product moving forward into the future, and even – perhaps – to produce some guidebooks for playing Gor under different systems (I’m mulling over Pathfinder’s new edition, 5e D&D and some others). Even better news is that after this three year period the license is extended indefinitely – until and unless the IP owner decides to withdraw it. This means that we are have been judged to have done such a good and trustworthy job by Mr Norman and his agent that we’re being entrusted to continue doing so moving forward. This makes me tremendously happy.

In celebration of the above, those who subscribe to me on Patreon or Makersupport will have half price access to the Gor rulebook, worldbook and artbook for as little as a $1 subscription, which you can cancel at any time.

I’m in very early and basic discussion with RPGPundit about putting together a podcast/stream with him. Not sure if/how it will work out, but we’ll see.

It also appears that Chronicle City is stirring back to life to some extent, but I’m not sure yet, quite what is going on there. I’ll let you know. We tried to start Chronicle City at about the worst time possible for us to do so and paid the price. Hopefully, it can be resurrected.

I have lost a few patrons on my Patreon lately, things are tight for a lot of people, but I need to draw more people to ‘subscribe’ to me as a creator. As such I’m going to experiment by providing some Patreon exclusive content over the next 30 days. I will be building a fantasy world for use with the Machinations of the Space Princess system with the first post up here for free and the rest appearing to Patrons and Makersupport subscribers only. These posts will be modeled after the 30 Day Worldbuilding blog prompts and will then be collected and collated, tidied up and added to in order to produce a saleable product. By subscribing you’ll get early access and the opportunity to provide feedback.


I’ve also had a few approaches about – possibly – doing some writing/worldbuilding on some indie computer games. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ll be creating support/discussion communities for Gor on G+ and Facebook soon, watch this space.

Please take a look at my Youtube, Patreon, Makersupport, Gab, Twitter, Facebook, author page, company page, designer page, Instagram, Minds and Steemit and follow/sub whatever else, should you feel the urge. Please do leave reviews of anything of mine you’ve bought, wherever you’ve bought it and share posts, videos or information about products – it really does help me out.

If you do reviews, podcasts, interviews or anything else, get in touch. I make a good guest and have opinions on everything 😉