#RPG – Stock Art

We produce a butt-ton of stock art for people to use, so make sure you check it out. THIS is the Zelart section, which sells stock in memorium of Darkzel and to raise money for our scholarship scheme. Going up from today will be artwork by Geahk Burchill.

Be sure and check his site to get a better idea of his current level of skill, as many of these donated pieces are quite old!

#RPG – #My30dayWorld – What is your World’s Biggest Secret?

f96fbe59f5e9884632bd46fcfcb53542--so-true-truthsIf you tell people your biggest secret, then it’s not really a secret any longer. SLA Industries has long been spoiled since The Truth came out, even though The Truth changed. Warhammer Fantasy has – at several points – been hinted to both a lost world in the 40k setting, and not. There’s no point to secrets if they don’t stay secret, but if you reveal them in your books then everyone knows them, and if you don’t, then players and Games Masters can get resentful or you can screw up their campaigns as and when you release canonical material…

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#AprilTTRPGmaker Any design partners?

color3My first writing partner was Steve, with whom I produced the Munchkin’s Guide to Powergaming. He doesn’t work in gaming anymore, even a little bit, though he did assist with another early effort, Iron Empire (steampunk before steampunk really became a ‘thing’). He still games though, and we meet up with the rest of our group about every month and a half for a weekend-long session.

Otherwise I’ve worked alongside and with a lot of people in different games and books and to different levels of cooperation. Mostly though, I prefer to work independently, by myself, accountable only to myself. Once you’ve had that kind of freedom it is very hard to tolerate cooperation as it tends to read as interference.

For the longest time though, I have had a partnership with the artist Brad McDevitt, an industry veteran who sells stock art through me and has artwork in more of my books and materials than anyone else.