#AprilTTRPGmaker Describe your routine

--1I don’t have a regular routine at the moment, but when I do it goes something like this…

Each morning, after driving my wife to the station, I go through my email and deal with any accounts or similar work-related administration that needs to be done and then make a Youtube video – unless there’s anything wildly more pressing.

I usually, then, have half an hour to an hour before lunch during which I organise my work and – again – deal with email etc.

After lunch I work on games/writing or any freelancing I might have. I break up the afternoon into 45 minute chunks, working for those 45 minutes, then taking a 10-15 minute break to do something else (or work on something else) before tackling the next 45 minute chunk.

I wrap up work sometime after 5pm and then have to drive again. Make dinner and over the evening write blogs or articles, track social media, consider what I might make a video about and otherwise engage in housekeeping or extra work – depending what’s going on.