Grimdark – Gear


For sake of ease most things should remain entirely the same, coinage and so on certainly. The thing, however, that always sticks in my craw about D&D are the armour rules. The way in which heavy armour makes you ‘harder to hit’ never worked for me, and splitting up the different kinds of protection – as was done in 3rd edition meant there was too much book-keeping.

One way to approach this problem is to make armour do damage reduction, instead of making you harder to hit.

Armour along this line for a more Grimdark game, might look more like…

  • Padded: Damage Reduction 1, Disadvantage on Stealth.
  • Leather: Damage Reduction 1.
  • Studded Leather: Damage Reduction 2.
  • Hide: Damage Reduction 2 (Max Dexmod 2)…

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