#RPG – Tales of Gor Caste Shirts, and B&D back in Stock!

frontGood news everyone! Not only have Teespring allowed the B&D t-shirt back, with a couple more adjustments, but we now also have caste shirts for players of Tales of Gor!

You can find these lovely vestments at our Teespring store and can hide your shame. They absolutely should not be torn, cut or otherwise altered to resemble slave rags or a ta-teera. Especially not the red one.

Head on over and pick yourself out something nice.


560 (1)PS. If you’re a slightly attractive human being (or close approximation thereof) and would like a couple of free shirts and a small amount of money for modelling some of these, let me know.

Grimdark – Personality & Backgrounds


A very welcome addition to D&D has been the inclusion of more rules that encourage roleplay and thought about where your character came from and why they do what they do. These are chiefly served by very loosely defined ideals, bonds and flaws. Mechanically you get awarded inspiration for playing to your character traits – even when it inconveniences you. Some bristle at these newfangled story mechanics, but for players who have a hard time putting themselves into another, fictional, person’s shoes the encouragement is helpful. The chits system for playing up your flaws is a big part of what made Deadlands work so well, and took a lot of the weight of book-keeping away from the Games Master.

Backgrounds are a bit more mechanically involved in 5th Edition D&D, with features, suggested characteristics, random tables (if you choose to use them) for personalities, ideals, bonds and flaws as well as skill proficiencies, languages and gear to go with your class choices.

This is all great stuff and easily customisable, you can add plenty to it and in many ways it can act as a sub-class or specialisation.

Nothing really needs to change there for a Grimdark setting, just added to, barbers, vivisectionists, gong-carriers, chapbook publishers, heretics and other backgrounds might need to be added, but by and large it’s all good. The background I envision for the setting I would use Grimdark rules though, there’s another aspect to your character’s background – their crimes…

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