Machinations of the Space Princess is DEAL OF THE DAY at RPGNOW/Drivethru


Machinations of the Space Princess is DEAL OF THE DAY at RPGnow/Drivethrough


Grimdark – The Scholar

A scholar devotes themselves to the pursuit of knowledge, whether perusing tomes of ancient and forbidden lore, or taking that knowledge out into the field in their examination of ruins and artefacts that may be found in-situ.

Hit Points
Scholar 5+Constitution Bonus
Heroism 1d8/Level

Simple Weapons, Light Armour, Artisan’s Tools (pick two: Alchemist, Calligrapher, Cartographer, Painter, Poisoner Kit Tinker), Forgery Kit, Gaming Sets, Herbalism Kit, Musical Instrument (pick two), Navigator’s Tools. Saving Throws Intelligence and Wisdom.

Choose four from: Arcana, History, Investigation, Medicine, Nature, Perception, Performance, Religion…

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