#RPG – Tales of Gor Caste Shirts, and B&D back in Stock!

frontGood news everyone! Not only have Teespring allowed the B&D t-shirt back, with a couple more adjustments, but we now also have caste shirts for players of Tales of Gor!

You can find these lovely vestments at our Teespring store and can hide your shame. They absolutely should not be torn, cut or otherwise altered to resemble slave rags or a ta-teera. Especially not the red one.

Head on over and pick yourself out something nice.


560 (1)PS. If you’re a slightly attractive human being (or close approximation thereof) and would like a couple of free shirts and a small amount of money for modelling some of these, let me know.

2 responses to “#RPG – Tales of Gor Caste Shirts, and B&D back in Stock!

  1. I have a few local friends who might be interested, along with myself, in modeling your shirts. I am willing to try and wrangle the cats to make it happen but I MUST get one of the B&D shirts to wear when i start my next game – LOL! We bring a lot of LGBTQIA and BDSM lifestyle folks to gaming, often mixing them with vanilla people. It leads to a lot of giggles and some uncomfortable pauses but, in general, it is a great way to help people learn about other lifestyles without preaching to them. If you are interested, feel free to reach out. Please DO NOT add my email to any list of any sort for any reason; I am trusting you dude.

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