Grimdark – Madness



As a reminder, back towards the beginning of these articles I talked about creating a ‘sanity’ system of mental stress for adventurers. Here’s a quick recap:

I would also like to bring in a second system for handling mental health, somewhat taken from Call of Cthulhu’s Sanity Points or stress in Darkest Dungeon. Stress will do as a placeholder term, perhaps to be replaced by stoicism or something later. Your Stress would be determined by your class in much the same way as Hit Dice, modified either by Intelligence or Wisdom. You would gain stress from suffering conditions. Off the top of my head:

  • Blinded: 1d4
  • Taking damage from a critical hit: 1
  • Death Saves (Each): 1d4
  • Permanent Injury: 1d6
  • Charmed: 1d6 when the Charm wears off.
  • Deafened: 3
  • Frightened: 1d6
  • Grappled: 0
  • Incapacitated: 2
  • Paralysed: 1d6
  • Petrified: 1d8
  • Poisoned:1d6
  • Prone: 0
  • Restrained: 0
  • Stunned: 1
  • (Diseased):1d6…

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