Grimdark – The Witch


Like the Ritualist, the Witch is a ‘secondary class’, one you multi-class into. The old ways have largely fallen beneath the crescent, cross and star but remnants remain in traditions, rhymes, spells and as echoes in the largely spurious grimoires, many of them made up by the deluded or the faithful. Walking that fine line between old religion, devilry and midwifery. One false step, one offhanded blasphemy, one dissatisfied lecher or ‘maid’ and its prison, the stake or the Tyburn Jig.

Both spellcasting sub-classes are placeholders and the same is true of the abilities of the Cleric. I would be likely to alter these and create new, more suitable magic for the setting.

Hit Points
6+Constitution Bonus
Heroism 1d8/Level

Proficiencies Gained
Light Armour, Simple Weapons.

Arcana, Medicine.

You must acquire the gear you need during play.

Level 1: Witch Magic, The Old Tongue, Aura
Level 2: Bonus Feat, Extra Cantrip
Level 3: –
Level 4: Bonus Feat, Ability Score Improvement
Level 5: – Aura…

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