Grimdark – The Ritualist


A ritualist is something you become, rather than start as. The ritualist studies ancient tomes and enters into pacts with demons and spirits, permanently changing themselves in their pursuit of magic and power. You have to multiclass into Ritualist and cannot take it as a starting class. In order to become a ritualist and start your pursuit of power you must have an Intelligence of 13+. Whichever class has the most Hit Points is used as the basis for your health.

Hit Points
5+Constitution Bonus
Heroism 1d8/Level

Proficiencies Gained
Light Armour, Simple Weapons.

Arcana, Religion.

You must acquire the gear you need during play.

  • Level 1: Witch Mark, Ritual Magic, Talisman
  • Level 2: Imp
  • Level 3: Dark Gift
  • Level 4: Ability Score Improvement
  • Level 5: Witch Mark…

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