Gorean Chronicles – Worldbook Sample ‘M’



Male Slaves: Male pleasure slaves are relatively rare as submissive men, silk slaves, do not often arouse mistresses and do not often appear on Gor. Nonetheless, some are found and some are even bred for, though even the most submissive male slave may ‘revert’ and turn upon his mistress. Men are also bought by other men and while Gorean society is largely not judgmental on sexuality some of the practices to produce male slaves for other men – especially from boyhood – are regarded with distaste.

Most male slaves are war captures, prisoners or debtors. Male slaves are not valuable and are mostly sold cheaply for labor. They most often serve naked or in a breech-clout, which doesn’t make them stand out too much from free prisoners working off their debts. Without being distinctively marked – save for a collar – it is hard for slaves to determine their numbers.