Chronicles of Gor: Worldbook Preview ‘N’



Northern Forests: A huge swathe of dense, old woodland the Northern Forests are practically impenetrable to large armies which lose order rapidly. They are the haunt of bandits, outlaws and panther girls, the runaway slave bands of the forests, skilled archers and hunters who spar – often – with the outlaws who dwell here. Where the forests meet the water, neutral trading grounds are found where outlaws and panthers alike trade and sell slaves and furs.


The Northern Forests are truly enormous and form a natural barrier between Torvaldsland and the rest of the north, and civilised Gor to the south – at least by land. The forest seems to be a blend of needle trees and broad leafed trees depending how far north and how close to the coast that you go. We didn’t spend too much time there for fear of Panther Girls and outlaws but all that ancient woodland made me think how ancient Britain must have looked when so much of it was forest. Here was something familiar to someone who knows the forests of Europe, right down to the smell of the leaves and the green dust in the air. You could hide cities in this forest and on the maps of Samos it is larger – much larger – than the jungles of the interior. There must be secrets there.