Chronicles of Gor – Worldbook Sample ‘G’

GenderFUND IT!

Gender: Goreans have views on sex and gender that are virtually the opposite of the dominant view found on Earth. Where Earth has embraced the idea of equality as equivalence, Goreans embrace the differences between the sexes.

Goreans would regard the idea that women are physically equal as a bad joke and consider women to be naturally submissive and men to be naturally dominant. The people of Earth would consider this to be oppressive and sexist but those of Gor see it as an immutable reality with each gender being valued and celebrated for what it can contribute and its own perceived strengths.

Women’s intelligence and social acumen is valued and sought after, even in slaves, and women are commonly agents for Kur, Priest Kings, merchants’ organizations and other kinds of espionage. Tatrices and Ubaras are not uncommon and wield great power while female free companions run households and hold the economic reins. Free women are exalted, valued, protected and treasured, while slaves are used to slake the carnal lusts of men which, again, are seen as perfectly natural and normal.

Intersex conditions and transsexuality is virtually unknown on Gor outside of particular cultures or fringe religious grounds such as the Waniyanpi of the barrens. It is likely that intersex conditions are seen as deformity and aborted or killed at birth while transsexuality is almost unheard of, outside some cultural accommodation and shaming amongst the Red Savages. Homosexuality is also somewhat rarer than on Earth, though it is in no way hated or considered unnatural and there are male slaves bred and raised solely for that market.

The Gorean concept of natural roles is so strong that they consider the ideas of Earth to be a pathological, societal sickness.

NB: These are the views of the fictional Gorean societies, not those of the authors.