Gorean Chronicles – Worldbook sample ‘L’


Larls are sabretooth cats. This art is from the Dragon’s Crown game, but gives some idea.


Larl: The larl is a great, predatory cat, clawed and fanged with saber teeth a foot long and standing some seven feet at the shoulder. The larl has a broad head – two feet across – triangular and pointed. Most commonly they have red or sable-black fur, especially in the mountains. Black larls have manes, both male and female alike, while the red larl lacks a mane.

All larls have four nostrils and a tough, bony ridge running back from its nose to its neck. White larls are even bigger, dangerous, tundra animals with snow white fur and some black markings.  Their tails are tufted and used to signal other larls with whom they sometimes hunt in prides, also signaling to each other with cries that they pick up on their large, triangular ears. Larls have a powerful homing instinct that leads them back to their whelping grounds in the mating seasons, an instinct that frequently overcomes attempts to tame them. Larls are powerful and fierce, in combat they are even more fierce and unstoppable than tharlarion, powered by their massive, eight-valved heart.

When they are hunted it is by lines of men with spears. The last man holds a sword and should the beast charge through the line the man with the sword sacrifices himself while the others finish the beast. Famously untamable the only people known to have done so are the Pani, who use trained larls as fierce guard animals.