Gorean Chronicles: The Kur



The Kur are the great opposing force in the battle behind the scenes for the future of Gor and Earth. The Gor are hulking, brutish, savage creatures living in artificial habitats – made from generation ships – hiding around the solar system’s gas giants and asteroid belt. They have been warring the Priest Kings for control of the solar system for hundreds, thousands of years, possibly even longer, without making any real headway. They have been thwarted at every turn either by the Priest Kings and their technology directly, or by their human agents mobilising against their plots and schemes.

The Kur may be monstrous creatures but they often seem more comprehensible and sympathetic than the Priest Kings, despite their exotic bred slaves and their eating of human flesh. The Kur are more relatable, despite their violence and brutality. They have a sense of honour, they keep their word, they have their affections and loyalties yet they are – at the same time – alien. They have engineered themselves, losing many mammalian traits and creating insensate living wombs to bear their young. They consider a leader to embody a cause, so that his failure reflects upon the whole.

Kur technology is more advanced than human technology and may once have rivaled the Priest Kings, but that higher state of their technology has been left behind in the thousands of years they cruised between the stars seeking their new home.

The Kur operate on Earth and Gor in secret and there’s suggestion that they are involved with governments, corporations and educational establishments as a way of taking slaves, finding agents, buying up gold, chocolate, coffee and tea to transport to Gor where they can use these goods to disrupt economies and to finance their operations on Gor.

There’s a whole, possible, second game here, dealing with the slave-taking and intrigue on Earth.