Invaderz: Liberty, Equality Revenge

Tak from Invader Zim

So far as any Jerkians know there are no females of their species. This is all a lie. There are female Jerkians but they are relatively small in number and segregated away from the main bulk of the Jerkian people. Now, however, something has gone wrong. One of the ships from the home fleet crashlanded on the planet and the female Jerkians (Jerkettes?) they received a rude education in how things ‘really are’ and some of them have, perhaps understandably, become ‘upset’.

Fleeing to Earth this squad of Jerkettes have decided to get their revenge upon an uncaring patriarchal universe by sabotaging Jerkian operations in this system. They have a small shuttlecraft, standard trooper equipment and some experimental equipment that they can put to use, not that they really know what they’re doing but then, nor do regular Jerkians.

Female Jerkians
Meat: 2
Brain Meat: 3
Expertise: 2
Luck: 4

Female Jerkians are good at ‘Girl stuff’ and have one other skill.

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