Wizkid character sheet

To get a bit more of a sneak preview of Wizkid, you can take a look at an editable character sheet.

You can blag a Wizkid character sheet HERE

Wizkid: More controversy? Us?

As previously intimated Wizkid: The Cheapening is almost ready, it’ll be out tomorrow in fact – so keep an eye out for it.Why should you buy it? Well, it’s a further progression in the rules and development of The Shadow World games and a bit of a return to the original concept behind Bloodsucker, namely that while these groups like to THINK that they’re supernatural powerhouses, they’re actually a bunch of useless bastards and wannabes.

Wizkid is obviously centred around the ‘magical school’ concept but it goes a lot further than that and takes the piss out of a huge number of different things from MMORPGs and Disneyfied Wicca to fan-fiction, slash-fiction and otherkin. It’s these last few things that I think are going to cause our ‘trademark’ controversy.

Ian’s written a good book with an interesting magic system but because we’re taking the piss out of slash and fan fiction and given the creepy and sinister nature of a lot of that shadowy world, the obvious problem of SEX rears its purple head and, given that we’re talking about schoolkids you can already hear people sharpening their pitchforks.I’m a little concerned due to recent experiences with dribbling morons being unable to read subtext or get the point but I’ve decided to go ahead with it anyway. It’s not necessarily integral to the game in any case and mostly only appears in the in game fic but I did – and do – feel that no target is safe and hey, people were at it like bunnies from the age of 14 when I was at school and if the Daily Fail is to be believed, things have only gotten worse since.

Nothing and no-one is safe from satire, least of all people like this.

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