Another 6-Pack Review

You can see the review HERE

There’s also some much less charitable but very complete reviews of my work on LPJDesign’s Obsidian Twilight, but given that most of the complaints were about specific design decisions, I’m not too worried. They do talk about what’s cool about them too! 🙂

Interview with me on ‘It Came from the Cubicle’

I was interviewed about various bits and pieces for Cubicle 7’s podcast ‘It came from the Cubicle’.
You can listen to my dulcet tones and marvel at how posh I sound HERE

Why you should buy 6-Pack in Hardcopy

You can buy the PDF of course, but this is one where I really recommend that you do actually buy the hardcopy. I’ve kept the hardcopy price as low as I can but what really makes it is that this amounts to a cheap battlemat of much higher quality than a lot of the more papery or poster-quality battlemats that you have out there.

At $1.99 it’s less than half the price on PDF than most comparable products and you also get an adventure along with it.

At $5.25 (approximately) for the hardcopy, that’s also less than half the cost of comparable battle-maps and since it’s formed from a cover it’s much more hard wearing and higher quality than a poster-map and less likely to get crumpled quite so easily.

This isn’t just an adventure and it’s not just a battlemat. This is a bridging product and a takeaway adventure that you can just pick up and play in an evening, even though the mats will last a hell of a lot longer.

You can buy the hardcopy version HERE