Invaderz: Liberty, Equality Revenge

Tak from Invader Zim

So far as any Jerkians know there are no females of their species. This is all a lie. There are female Jerkians but they are relatively small in number and segregated away from the main bulk of the Jerkian people. Now, however, something has gone wrong. One of the ships from the home fleet crashlanded on the planet and the female Jerkians (Jerkettes?) they received a rude education in how things ‘really are’ and some of them have, perhaps understandably, become ‘upset’.

Fleeing to Earth this squad of Jerkettes have decided to get their revenge upon an uncaring patriarchal universe by sabotaging Jerkian operations in this system. They have a small shuttlecraft, standard trooper equipment and some experimental equipment that they can put to use, not that they really know what they’re doing but then, nor do regular Jerkians.

Female Jerkians
Meat: 2
Brain Meat: 3
Expertise: 2
Luck: 4

Female Jerkians are good at ‘Girl stuff’ and have one other skill.

Gamma World: Pleasure Origin

Cherry 2000 

The oldest profession is the oldest profession for a damned good reason. Even when you subsist on nuts and berries someone has something someone else wants.Access to nookie.

The trope of ‘pleasure’ turns up throughout trashy SF and apocalyptic fiction, the bad guy’s right hand courtesan, the sexy angel from Barbarella, the Medical Corps from Hell Comes to Frogtown not to mention the disturbing implications in the short story ‘Ersatz’ or the pleasure robots of Cherry 2000, AI and others that no longer seem so far fetched in a world of fleshlights and realdolls.

This archetype/origin is for a ‘pleasure’ type of either gender though mixing it with some of the other origins might be a little disturbing…


Being a looker, or skilled in certain ‘arts’ is always going to be a tradeworthy skill and whatever it is that makes someone (or something) sexy – be it bearing, looks, confidence, humour – you have it in spades.

Appearance: Pleasure beings tend to be good-looking examples of their type but it’s impossible to hide their nature, they can even make an old potato sack look smoking hot, without even trying.

Mutant Type: Charisma, no power source, +2 to all overcharge.
Skill Bonus (Level 1): Gain a +4 bonus to Interaction and Insight checks.
Rishanthra (Level 1): You can enter into Interaction checks in order to try and seduce and sway the opinion of things outside your own species, even machines and other things that would not normally respond to sexual advances.
Distracting Presence (Level 1): Enemies within 2 squares of you take a -2 penalty to hit you or anyone/anything else.
Pleasure Critical (Level 2 or 6): When you score a critical hit the attack deals 1d10 extra damage and, coming from someone like you, it surprises them and throws them off guard reducing their AC by 2 until the end of your next turn.


With a flash of your eyes, the shapely turn of an ankle or a flirtatious smile you can root an enemy in place, rapt with their attention fixed upon you.
At-Will, Physical.
Standard Action,
Ranged 5
Target: One creature
Attack: Charisma + your level Vs Will.
Hit: The target is stunned by your sheer gorgeousness and can only take a minor action until your next turn.

You have a magnetic personality, not literally but figuratively, something that needs stressing on Gamma Terra.
Encounter, Physical
Standard Action, Close Blast 10
Effect: Every enemy within the blast area is shifted two squares towards you. They can and will move around obstacles and obvious traps in so doing.

You combine your sheer physical presence with your skill to create a completely engrossing performance that can still a battle completely.
Encounter, Physical
Standard Action,  Close Blast 12
Effect: Every enemy within the area of the blast is shifted two squares towards you, following the most direct route possible, even passing through hazards, walking off cliffs and so forth. Following this each is hit as though by the Stunning ability – above – and affected in the same way.