Yes, I’m going to keep telling you to buy this…

This amazing pack contains:

  • Cthentacle – The Cthulhu themed tentacle sex card game on PDF with both its supplements (The Dunbitch Horror and The Mountings of Madness).
  • Hentacle – The Anime themed tentacle sex card game on PDF with all of its supplements (Sloppy Seconds, Three’s an Orgy and 4/Play)
  • Cthentacle art preview book
  • Hentacle art book
  • Final Straw – Another card game with art by Zel.
  • Autopsy Issue 1 – Sex and romance in roleplaying.
  • Hentacle and Cthentacle computer wallpapers.
  • A unique booklet unavailable anywhere else featuring gaming articles and previews, erotic short stories and original Hentacle/Cthentacle themed art and pinups.

It’s a whole bundle of art, fiction, games and goodness. Over $50 worth for only $15.
Only available for a short time!
Profits going to Japanese Red Cross.

Buy it HERE and let the word go forth!

Yes you will have to register but the family of sites sells a lot of cool stuff on PDF and PoD and it’s worth your while doing so, even if it’s JUST to buy this.

Hentai Tsunami Relief is LIVE!

It’s a whole bundle of art, fiction, games and goodness. Over $50 worth for only $15.
Only available for a short time!
Profits going to Japanese Red Cross.

Buy it HERE and let the word go forth!

6-Pack Adventures: Sickness in Springdale[4e] RELEASED!

The third in a series of 6-Pack Adventures, pick-up-and-play adventures designed to fill 2-4 hours of play and containing everything you need.

  • Battle Map
  • Tokens
  • Pre-generated characters

For longevity you can use the tokens and the map for anything else you care to do and the adventures should be fairly easily adaptable to fit into your existing campaign if you want.

In Sickness in Springdale, the characters attempt to save their town from a deadly illness by finding a cure. To do so, they need to travel through the Lady’s Woods where they will meet a series of challenges to gain her favor.

During the course of their travels, they find that their town is not the only one with the disease and there’s competition for the cure…

For use with 4e.

You can buy it HERE and at all the other regular PDF outlets soon.
You can buy it in hardcopy – which I recommend – and many of our other books HERE

Please also check the following post as we’re trying to put together a bundle to help Japan.

Hentai for Tsunami Relief

I’m going to put together a bundle for charity for the Japanese Tsunami disaster. I’ve been waiting to see how things shake down and which charity is going to be best to go with before I moved on this and I was hoping that Onebookshelf would put together another bundle, but it’s too soon after their previous one it seems so I’ll have to go it alone. Several other publishers are doing similar things.

I’m going to wait until the end of the week/beginning of next week, I’d prefer to give to a charity that can help with infrastructure such as Communication Sans Frontieries or somewhere that can help provide prefab homes, tents and shelters, but we’ll see what comes up over this week. Otherwise I’ll probably go with the Red Cross or the Global Giving drive.

In this week of preparation I’d like to extend an appeal to my friends who are artists, cartoonists and other talented people if they’d like to contribute sketches or art pieces – if they have the time – that I can add to the bundle to sweeten the deal and bring more people to buy the bundle and provide aid to Japan.

These would have to be appropriate to the bundle (Cthentacle and Hentacle) but otherwise it’s free reign.

Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute, writers too if you can think of something to add or anyone else who thinks they can contribute. This also goes for cosplayers, photographers, models of appropriate genre. Anyone who wants to help. I’d really like to put together something fucking AWESOME.

I can be reached via the comments section of this blog or by email at grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk or via twitter @Grimachu

Please pass this link on to others you think might have the time/inclination to contribute.

Indie Press Revolution

Postmortem Studios products are beginning to be available for purchase at Indie Press Revolution as well as all the other available sites that you can download and purchase our products. Go and have a LOOK regularly and if this is your favoured outlet, buy here!

Ace of Hearts Preview/Example of Play

Source: MJRanum Stock Photography on Deviantart 

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Agents of SWING – Gadgets Galore

I want to cover as much as possible in the basic game with gadgets, special weapons, vehicles and enhancements for all of the above. So hit me.. what do you think are the key gadgets from the Spy-Fi/adventure serial genre and what sort of gadgets would you like to have in such a game?

Share and enjoy here, on Facebook or on Twitter with the hashtag #AoSWING

TobyArt spotted in the ‘wild’

If you play Pathfinder these are pretty useful things, multi-leveled ‘baddies’ for you to use in your camapaigns at various stages.

You can get it HERE