Why you should buy and Play Shadow World Games

With the Gothistocrats cliquebook out now’s a good opportunity to revisit The Shadow World, The Life of Angst and the whole game line. Gothistocrats expands on one of the cliques of the first game, Bloodsucker: The Angst, the game of teenage vampire wannabes with delusions of grandeur. So, here’s five reasons you should buy and play the games in this line…

1. If you’ve played any of the games that this line takes the piss out of then you’re in for a treat. The whole thing is a massive in-joke, of sorts. Particularly if you had the misfortune to be part of its LARP society/fan club/dystopian bureaucratic nightmare. Not to say that you have to have been, but it helps. There’s plenty there if you’ve experienced goth culture as well. Whether you’ve got a fond, nostalgic love or a raging hate on, you’ll be well served.

2. They’re fun. You’ve got plenty of comedy fuel to work with and arrogant people with delusions of grandeur and massive incompetence are inherently funny.

3. Ian Warner’s taken on the line and he’s extended and expanded it in a whole new direction. Whereas the original Bloodsucker: The Angst was very much based around deluded teenagers but the expansions and companion games have broadened the game into a much wider satire of… certain games… and more things besides.

4. More than any other game line this one has a unified look with great art by Raven Morrison throughout all the existing lines and into the future with the forthcoming Wizkid.

5. With Ian working on this line it has some constant support via his Shadow World blog and that makes it a more fully-featured and supported game line, rather than a ‘one off’ (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and you can influence development by telling us what you want and what you’d like to see.

You can buy this game line on PDF HERE
Or in hardcopy HERE

It’s also available at other PDF outlets.

New Release: Cliquebook – Gothistocrats

The secrets of the Gothistocrat clique laid bare including the mysteries of Dominion and the strange powers of The Douche. You get to know all the intimate secrets of this ruling clique who define ‘true goth’ and you get a fistful of NPCs for your games as well.

Xpress System.

You can buy it HERE