Coming Soon (imminently): Wizkid: The Cheapening

Coming very, very soon – likely early next week – is the next Shadow World game, Wizkid: The Cheapening. This brings magical kids and hoity-toity private magical schools into your Bloodsucker and Chav games along with their create, destroy, nerf and buff magic(k)s.

Obviously, obviously, the main thrust of this is to take the piss out of Harry Potter but it’s also a hell of a hit at Mage (all versions), fan fiction, slash fiction, forum/journal roleplay, otherkin, MMORPGs, supernatural romance novels, cheap supernatural TV and the commodification of Wicca and Neopaganism.

Wizkid has a much more focussed arena of play that the other games, the school structure is perfect for creating tight little farces and campaigns based around classes, schools, staff, pupil romances, school mysteries, detentions and all the other nonsense of school days. School experiences are something that everyone shares and that makes them a great background for a game.

This is Xpress powered, as all future Shadow World releases will be and, honestly, I’m tempted to turn one of my long promised projects into a supplement for it!

You’ll love it, especially with Raven’s lovely art.

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