Another lovely SWING review

Judd Goswick:
A pitch perfect rendition of the genre mixed with a light and tight FATE backbone. This game has much to recommend it: 60’s styling, genre background info, and sample characters that are most of the signature characters of the genre with teh serial numbers filed off. Groups looking to run a “League of Extraordinarily Groovy Gentlemen” style game, a homage to an old favorite, or just set out on that show you wished they’d made will be very hard-pressed to find a game better suited.Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

Paying it forward: Art Pimping

This time the inestimable Brad McDevitt who has done much awesome for many publishers, but most especially me, who he does the great Clipart Critters for! You can check out Brad’s portfolio HERE and hire him. He’s pretty damn rad. Here’s some stuff he’s doing for people other than me and they present some damn good reasons you should buy stuff from those companies too.

Tough Justice Review