Agents of SWING preview – Who are the Agents?

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You are about to become an important secret agent, dedicated to protecting the world from the kinds of strange and unusual threats that the posturing superpowers of The Eagle and Bear are too preoccupied to address. While the world spins on and the people huddle and worry about nuclear Armageddon they forget to look out for other threats and not everything that threatens the safety and security of the world is dropped from a bomber, fired in a missile or carried in an armoured vehicle.

There are organisations with greater interest in controlling the world than destroying it. Groups that prefer profit to destruction. Conspiracies that place power above ideology. There are scorned geniuses with technology that seems like magic along with egos that match the domineering gods of Greek mythology. There are mysteries and powers that defy comprehension. Someone needs to deal with these and the conventional forces of the intelligence services simply aren’t up to the task of doing so, indeed their missteps have spawned many of these threats.

The world needs protectors, defenders who place the world as a whole ahead of any other considerations and are willing to set aside their differences, their preconceptions and even their national loyalties for the greater good of humanity and the Earth as a whole.

That’s where YOU come in agent.



Characters in Agents of SWING can come from any espionage organisation in the world, real or imagined. They can come from private investigative organisations or be turncoats from criminal or villainous organisations. Whatever their origin they’re brought into SWING and become some of the guardians of the world against the secret horrors that threaten to plunge it into chaos.

Agents also, often, find themselves between the two sides of the Cold War, keeping them apart and preventing them – or some third party – coming up with some excuse to launch nuclear armageddon.

SWING is steeped in British tradition, despite being international, but part of that tradition is eccentricity and they embrace the new, transistorised age full tilt. SWING’s agents are not the bland ‘suits’ of the CIA or the public school clones of MI5 and 6. Each agent is an individual and every single member of SWING from the lowliest secretary in the typing pool to the highest administrator is a capable agent in their own right.

SWING can be played full-on camp stupidity, psychedelic weirdness, or in a much more serious manner but it’s probably best played around the sort of mix of humour, action and plotting of the classic James Bond films, only with an ensemble cast more like Department S, The Protectors, Impossible Mission or The Champions.