Change the World, Write a game – Gauntlet Thrown Down

Saccharine, oversimplified imagery like this makes me want to fucking hurl. However nice the sentiment.

The arguments about inclusiveness, sexism, etc, et-fucking-cetera rage on and on across the various internet channels and show no sign of dissipating. What there’s very little damn sign of, however, is people putting their money where their mouth is. SarahDarkmagic excluded. On the one hand us existing designers are being told we’re not doing a good enough job of being concerned and inclusive about x, y or z while on the other hand being told we don’t/can’t/won’t understand anyway, which to me seems that we’re doomed, whatever our good intentions might be.

Personally I don’t think these people can be satisfied and I also don’t think there’s anything sinister going on. People are just making what they want and that tends to attract people (of whatever type) who share those desires and preferences. It’s an emergent, self-organising, self-selecting system. If you really, genuinely want to change that (and frankly the only reason these things aren’t a constant issue in gaming is because most gamers are already progressive and inclusive so don’t even see these things as issues) then you have to get off your arse and make the change yourself.

If you feel EXcluded don’t expect to feel INcluded until you’re part of the creative process. Until you’re making games.

If there’s nothing out there you like, get off your fat, lazy arse and make something. Leverage the power of the internet, PDF and PoD to get your vision out there. What are you afraid of? Becoming a laughing stock? If your ideas are valid and can bring people into gaming, if you think you can appeal to a new audience (despite the same lack of budget etc as the rest of us, fucking GO FOR IT!

I did.

Topics that interest me are religion/atheism, politics, mental illness, sex-positivism and various obscure corners of genre fiction. I write what the bloody-hell I want (when I’m not freelancing) and so can you.

I’ll go you one better. You bring your idea to me and if I think it’s a good game – AND ON NO OTHER CRITERION – I’ll help you get it to press. 50/50 split after costs are covered. I’ll do most of the grunt work once there’s a manuscript, including art direction if you don’t want to handle that and the costs of it yourself. I don’t care if your game is about hermaphroditic Doug Winger-style chibi ponies that fight crime with mystical sex orgies so long as it’s a good, playable game.

I’ll go you even better than that, I’ll advise and help along the process – as time permits.

Even if you don’t want to do it WITH me, I’ll share my knowledge and experience of self-publishing RPGs to help you get going.

Shit, if you want to write something for one of MY games I’ll probably go for it. Maybe you want to write a version of Ace of Hearts that’s about eunuchs, or a ’45 adventure about a homosexual anthro-mutant biker gang. Maybe you want to commission a Yaoi set for Hentacle or an adventure about smashing patriarchy for @ctiv8. So long as its good, I don’t care

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
– as that lovable old paedo Gandhi once said.

That is, if you want to see inclusive games that address your issues and make you feel included, write them. If you want to see a lot of hurtful, divisive arguments and whining… well, that option’s open too.

Yes, I’m being abrasive, but I’m pissed off at this nonsense dragging on. The offers are genuine.

Yes, I’m sweary, I’m British, damn it. Deal.