Phoning Doesn’t Help Either

I managed to find a number and phone Skotos, who are the company behind RPGnet. Unfortunately it seems that, indeed, the rot goes right the way to the very top of the company. There is no politeness or professionalism here whatsoever, merely hanging up, laughing, lack of knowledge of law (trying to threaten with American law while simultaneously trying to ignore British law, not to mention misunderstanding slander and other laws), laughing and other rude stupidity. Though he hung up pretty damn quick when I said I was going to record the call, suggesting that they at least have SOME shame, mumbling something about wiretapping laws (another failure to understand the law).

Seriously, don’t give any part of this company your money.

I’m pretty much done with them at this point, disgusted with them at every level from moderator to owning company. I might make one more parting humorous shot at their expense, but I think that’s about it.

They disgust me.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.