I also write stories

Did you know that I also tell STORIES?

You can buy the finished and expanded versions at Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu and so on, but you can read the rough-and-ready first versions raw and dripping with metaphorical inky-blood over on the blog.

 Here’s the last few stories from the blog:

Rink Rash – Post apocalyptic, spicy, lesbian roller derby (no really).

The Dastard – Sword and sorcery, thievery and adventure.

Cichol’s Children – Mythos horror.

Buy one – and talk about it – get one free!

Last year I ran a little promotion where if you bought and reviewed one of my products, you could get another one for free. 13 months ago in fact. I’ve decided that it might be a good time to run that promo again.

So, here’s the rules…

1. One free product per entrant.
2. You may not choose an art product – due to licensing and arrangements with those artists. Nor may you choose a free product.
3. In order to claim your product, e-mail me at GRIM at POSTMORT dot DEMON dot CO dot UK with a link to where you have placed your review. You can place your review on RPGNOW, on a personal blog, on a website that accepts reviews or anywhere else where it can be publicly seen. If possible the review should contain a link either to http://www.postmort.demon.co.uk or to the Postmortem store on RPGNOW.
4. This offer will run until the end of June, midnight on the last day of June, by UK reckoning.

Share, and enjoy.

Paying it forward: Art Pimping

This time the inestimable Brad McDevitt who has done much awesome for many publishers, but most especially me, who he does the great Clipart Critters for! You can check out Brad’s portfolio HERE and hire him. He’s pretty damn rad. Here’s some stuff he’s doing for people other than me and they present some damn good reasons you should buy stuff from those companies too.

Paying it forward: Art Pimping

There’s a school of thought that suggests that when you find a cool resource you should keep it to yourself and hide it, protect it, stroke it, call it your precious…

Bugger that.

Ace of Hearts and Agents of SWING both benefited greatly from the photography of MJ Ranum from Deviantart.

His stockart gallery can be found HERE

Many of his images are adult oriented, but I’m sure you’ll agree they’re wonderfully done and full of lovely looking women – and men. They’re a great resource for silhouettes, image manipulation and for artists looking for interesting poses in fantasy-appropriate attire.

Just make sure you ask permission first.

Pip pip.