Agents of SWING is a FATE-powered Spy-Fi adventure game in which you take on the part of secret agents, working throughout the world in the 1960s and 70s to avert catastrophe, punish evildoers and stop the two superpowers from annihilating each other.
A slimmed down and sped up version of FATE, derived from Cubicle 7’s Starblazer Adventures, SWING simplifies the system and lets you get right into the action.
There are rules for agents, villains, henchmen and goons. There are rules for coming up with nefarious organisations, hints and tips on how to run the game (including a ‘plot stress’ adventure structure) and a ton of starting level PCs so that you can pick up and play right out of the book.
A hit during playtesting at UK conventions, now you can finally get your hands on Agents of SWING and start laying into the enemies of humanity.

Just do it with STYLE.

You can buy it HERE
You can buy it in hardcopy, soft or hardcover HERE
The game will be available via all the other, usual PDF outlets soon.


Finally it’s out! Only six months late but well worth waiting for I think. This is one of the best things I’ve worked on and as a complete, full-size, fully-featured game is a departure from the shorter projects and freelancing that we’ve been putting out lately. I heartily recommend that you get it as it’s some of the work I’m, now, most proud of, as well as our first FATE outing. That’s got to be worth a few bucks, hasn’t it?