I love these new intros e23 is doing: SWING

May 21, 2011: Life In Plastic? It’s Fantastic!

Agents of SWINGReturning to the style of the 1960s doesn’t have to mean granny dresses or Joe Friday’s blocky suits. Mod styles, for example, could include ascots, velvet, and white go-go boots — absolute necessities for being a proper spy. Hats are still in, cigars and martinis are handed out like flowers in an early-80s airport, and it remains acceptable to call your secretary “pet” and pinch her bottom. In Agents of SWING, players can feel free to James Bond it up! Note: while you can play an agent of SWING, it is unknown at press time whether you can in fact play a sultan of SWING.

Alternately, the game can shift forward into the 1970s. Replace the velvet with corduroy, replace the martinis with bourbon, replace the cigars with cigarettes (maybe), and accept that your secretary may well kick more tail than you can. Either way, who can resist playing spy games? Foiling (or masterminding) plots to Take Over The World is all part of this balanced breakfast.

And if it isn’t, it should be.

Samantha Smith

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