Important Announcements Round-Up

  • Opportunities for other small publishers and for Bricks and Mortar and online hobby stores to partner with us to sell our products. HERE.
  • We’re looking to recruit demo game organisers online and around the world as well as a demo coordinator . HERE.
  • You can get professionally printed copies of Cthentacle for cheap while stocks last as we need some working capital. HERE.
  • We released a 6-Pack Adventure for the OSR game ‘Lamentations of the Flame Princess’. HERE.
  • We released Courtesans: Sex & Society. HERE.

Small Press & Hobby Store Partnership Opportunities

As you’re probably able to tell we’re trying to enter into something of an expansion phase here at Postmortem lately. Further to seeking people for demo teams we would like to expand into more outlets. Obviously some of this is being done via Cubicle7 with their printings of some of our material but not everything is being put out in that fashion.

If you are another small publisher who attends conventions and sells material, I would like to discuss potential partnership wherein we could sell each other’s products (You could buy my material at a cut price and sell for your own profit at cons in supplement to your own material and – perhaps – vice versa).

If you run a hobby store and would like to sell some of my games, keeping in mind that I cannot offer a returns policy, please also get in touch and we’ll see what kind of arrangement we can come to. I would – of course – offer free PDFs to customers who bought the hardcopy of the book in your store or mail-order.

If you’re interested in partnering up or selling Postmortem material, please contact at:

Join the Team: Postmortem Demo Partners Sought

There’s no way I can get to all the cons I need to or that – as essentially a one-man show – I can devote the time needed to support and run demos AND write new material.

I need help.

I’m looking for a few good men and women to run demos of Postmortem products online and at conventions and to act as representatives and ambassadors for our games abroad, where I can’t afford to go.

The details will need to be worked out but I am ideally looking for people in:

  • The USA
  • UK: Scotland
  • UK: Midlands
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • Israel

Convention attendance is a plus.
Experience with online GMing tools (IRC, Infrno, DDI etc) is a bonus.
Decent command of English is essential.

I will also be looking for a supervisor/coordinator to handle this side of thing and they will have a lot of free rein to organise and run the demo group largely as they see fit.

Compensation is not going to be monetary due to the state of affairs and complications, however I can hopefully offer a few things to sweeten the deal, besides running cool games.

  • Hardcopy at cost + shipping and permission to sell at conventions etc to help fund your attendance.
  • Apparel/merchandise at cost + shipping.
  • Access to playtest drafts.
  • Opportunity to have your material/demo game adventures etc published (and be paid for it).
  • Support and assistance as and when possible.

To apply for demo team or demo team coordinator, please contact at GRIM at POSTMORT dot DEMON dot CO dot UK

Shifting Cthentacle

I need some money in fairly quick order to help fund expansion and pay to get some more product out quickly as well as to store up some funds for some more appearances and to up-tempo my convention schedule.

The best way for me to do that seems to be to offload some of my stock of professionally printed Cthentacle and its first supplement, The Dunbitch Horror.

For a limited time I’m willing to offload both together for a total of £12.50 (including shipping). If you want multiple copies it’ll be £10 for each set, plus £2.50 on top for shipping, no matter how many copies.

Please pass this info along and let people know.

Ordering can only be done direct, to me for this offer. If you’re interested contact me at GRIM at POSTMORT dot DEMON dot CO dot UK or on Twitter via @Grimachu

6-Pack Adventure: Kiss of the Frog God (Lamentations of the Flame Princess)


The first 6-Pack adventure for Lamentations of the Flame Princess (and compatible Old School systems) sees the characters entering the cursed town of Morbury where people are missing and somethign foul and twisted lurks in the godless swamps.

6-Pack Adventures have everything you need for an evening’s gaming. Battlemat, tokens, monsters, pregenerated characters and an adventure.

Buy it in PDF HERE
Or hardcopy HERE
(Hardcopy comes apart, cover forming battlemat/map)

Courtesans RELEASED!

Courtesans is a sister game to Tough Justice. Set broadly in the same period it follows the fortunes of the ladies of the Demi Monde, influencing society through their sexuality and their scheming.

This is a semi-adversarial, group-oriented story game uniquely suited to forum-play and play-by post

Adult content and themes.

You can buy it in PDF HERE
Or in Hardcopy HERE