Chav: The Knifing – Fuckin’ Aliens an’ shit mang!

Image & concepts nobbled from ‘Attack the Block’.
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If there’s one thing Chavs hate, it’s people who are different. That’s the real impetus behind their violent hatred of Bloodsuckers, Wizkids and anything and everything else in the Shadow World. If there’s one thing they’re hardwired to hate even more than the other magic(k)al denizens of the night it’s going to be extraterrestrials.

Sure, aliens exist, why not? The Shadow World has everything else in it doesn’t it? Of course, this being The Shadow World these aliens are dumb motherfuckers, just as dumb as people. Perhaps dumber. They just know how to get from one planet to another and maybe that’s not as difficult as people think, once you’ve got the knack.

The Martians from The War of the Worlds attacked the greatest city in the greatest Empire on Earth first, perhaps thinking that if they could beat them they could take out the rest. These aliens, perhaps, have the same idea and that’s why they’re landing, en masse, in the inner city at night. Unfortunately, they’re likely to run into the Chavs before they run into anything else and perhaps they’ll come off the worse for it…

These aliens are dark-furred, fast-moving and deadly, if not particularly bright. They hunt in packs like wolves but, being nocturnal have dim senses, save their sense of smell and touch which are quite acute. Weirdly, they like the taste of bile and are drawn to attack Chavs, especially once they start fighting back.

Strength 5
Resilience 4
Dexterity 4
Speed  5
Intelligence 1
Perception  2
Charm 1
Control  3
Resolve 3
Resistance 3

Athletics 4
Close Combat 4
Weird Alien Stuff 3
Stealth 4

Enhanced sense of smell +2
Enhanced sense of touch +2

Dense Body: Natural Armour – Reduce all incoming damage by 2
Frenzied Claws & Teeth: 9 damage.

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