Work Available for Artists


I need a reasonably fast turnaround on three projects.

The pay isn’t fab (small press RPGs for you) but the work is small, black and white and shouldn’t be too arduous.

You would retain rights of resale and reuse, which is something I typically offer artists, and you’ll be paid immediately upon hand-in.

The jobs are:

Job 1 – Horror Game Illustration

5 x 2″ x 2″ mugshots, 300-600 dpi, black and white. Payment available $50-75

Cartography, small map, A5 or A6, black and white, 300-600 dpi. Payment available $20-30

Job 2 – Agents of SWING (60s-70s Swinging Spy-Fi Action)

4 x 2″ x 2″ mugshots, 300-600 dpi, black and white. Payment available $40-50

Job 3 – Horror Game Illustration

6 x 2″ x 2″ mugshots, 300-600 dpi, black and white. Payment available $60-75

Contact here or email:

grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk

I know I don’t have a lot of money to give but I do pay promptly and try to be a hassle-free person to work for. I try to give people as much free rein as I can so that they enjoy the work and repeat business with trusted artists gets better and better.

Please get in touch!

Small Press & Hobby Store Partnership Opportunities

As you’re probably able to tell we’re trying to enter into something of an expansion phase here at Postmortem lately. Further to seeking people for demo teams we would like to expand into more outlets. Obviously some of this is being done via Cubicle7 with their printings of some of our material but not everything is being put out in that fashion.

If you are another small publisher who attends conventions and sells material, I would like to discuss potential partnership wherein we could sell each other’s products (You could buy my material at a cut price and sell for your own profit at cons in supplement to your own material and – perhaps – vice versa).

If you run a hobby store and would like to sell some of my games, keeping in mind that I cannot offer a returns policy, please also get in touch and we’ll see what kind of arrangement we can come to. I would – of course – offer free PDFs to customers who bought the hardcopy of the book in your store or mail-order.

If you’re interested in partnering up or selling Postmortem material, please contact at:

Join the Team: Postmortem Demo Partners Sought

There’s no way I can get to all the cons I need to or that – as essentially a one-man show – I can devote the time needed to support and run demos AND write new material.

I need help.

I’m looking for a few good men and women to run demos of Postmortem products online and at conventions and to act as representatives and ambassadors for our games abroad, where I can’t afford to go.

The details will need to be worked out but I am ideally looking for people in:

  • The USA
  • UK: Scotland
  • UK: Midlands
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • Israel

Convention attendance is a plus.
Experience with online GMing tools (IRC, Infrno, DDI etc) is a bonus.
Decent command of English is essential.

I will also be looking for a supervisor/coordinator to handle this side of thing and they will have a lot of free rein to organise and run the demo group largely as they see fit.

Compensation is not going to be monetary due to the state of affairs and complications, however I can hopefully offer a few things to sweeten the deal, besides running cool games.

  • Hardcopy at cost + shipping and permission to sell at conventions etc to help fund your attendance.
  • Apparel/merchandise at cost + shipping.
  • Access to playtest drafts.
  • Opportunity to have your material/demo game adventures etc published (and be paid for it).
  • Support and assistance as and when possible.

To apply for demo team or demo team coordinator, please contact at GRIM at POSTMORT dot DEMON dot CO dot UK

Marginally Less Sweary Challenge Version

Lots of people whine, moan, complain, lambast and bitch about games not being ‘inclusive’ of race, gender, sexuality etc, etc, etc. A while back I made an offer that I’d put together some stock art packs of inclusive art (#inclusiveart hashtag on Twitter) and there was surprisingly little response, considering the amount of ‘Ra!’ that goes on around these topics all the time. In fact there were no suggestions or ideas at all pretty much.

I don’t give up so easily though.

As a writer/creator I write about things that interest me and I write from a viewpoint that I either a) hold or b) want to explore. Lots of writers do this and their work is generally better for it because it comes from a place of sincerity and conviction. It’s often all the better for it EVEN if you don’t agree with the writer’s outlook. China Mieville’s work is greatly influenced by his political opinions, Dawkins’ ascerbic wit would not be so entertaining if he were not so fervently anti-religious, Peter F Hamiltion is a bit of a rightie, but his books are the better for that ideological foundation, Heinlein was a libertine socially and… a bit odd politically, his work retains impact and relevance because of that. There’s plenty of other authors this is true of.

You see this a bit less in games – at least outside the Indie/Self Published scene partly due to commercial pressure but also due to the nature of games themselves. We don’t write a novel, we create a context in which other people create their own stories. If your particular hot button issue is not addressed or is ignored the most likely explanation is not that you’re being slighted but because it simply doesn’t matter to the author, they don’t consider it an issue or it’s undefined – leaving you free to.

Still, games are useful places to address these issues.

In my work I’m interested in left wing and Anarchistic politics and social structures, I’m interested in the religious/atheistic dynamic and the conflict between rationality and faith. I’m interested in sex positivism. I’m interested in questions of morality, evolutionary psychology, social structures, science, speculation and obscure corners of genre fiction.

So that’s what I write about and the viewpoint I come from.

If you want to see games about other things, that pay service to your concerns and your viewpoint, you have to write them. There’s too much inertia and too little money in gaming for huge risk taking outside the indie scene, which is very small, but very enthusiastic, like concentrated gamer amphetamines.

If you genuinely think addressing these issues head on or creating games that go out of their way to be inclusive and make a point and an issue of it, then you need to put your money where your mouth is.

I’d love this to be true and I love controversy – another topic that interests me – so I’ll even help.

Here’s what I’ll offer you to help you:

Option 1:
I’ve been publishing PoD and PDF for some time now as well as working freelance for a hell of a lot of gaming companies. I know the industry, I know how to self publish, I know how to do things cheaply, I know how to work.
I will help you get set up, get writing and get producing your game. I’ll give it a once over and help you out any way I can, time and workload permitting.

Option 2:
Write it for something of mine
Not up to writing a whole game yourself?
Fine, write it for one of my systems/settings. I’ll give you permission if I think the project is cool and you can publish it yourself and even keep all the profits. You want to use Xpress? Write a women’s lib adventure for SWING? Go for it. Let’s talk.

Option 3:
I’ll publish it with you.
You’ve got a groovy game idea that’s inclusive and shiny and tackles the issues you think are marginalised in gaming? You want to make a game that properly reflects your ethnicity/sexuality/gender/whatever… go for it. So long as the idea’s good I’ll do all of the above PLUS lay it out, handle the art and design direction and so on and I’ll split the profit (after costs are met) 50/50 with you.

If you want to see the things that you want to see, the best way to do that is to make it happen. Not expect other people who don’t share your outlook and concerns to do it for you.

Step into my office…

Change the World, Write a game – Gauntlet Thrown Down

Saccharine, oversimplified imagery like this makes me want to fucking hurl. However nice the sentiment.

The arguments about inclusiveness, sexism, etc, et-fucking-cetera rage on and on across the various internet channels and show no sign of dissipating. What there’s very little damn sign of, however, is people putting their money where their mouth is. SarahDarkmagic excluded. On the one hand us existing designers are being told we’re not doing a good enough job of being concerned and inclusive about x, y or z while on the other hand being told we don’t/can’t/won’t understand anyway, which to me seems that we’re doomed, whatever our good intentions might be.

Personally I don’t think these people can be satisfied and I also don’t think there’s anything sinister going on. People are just making what they want and that tends to attract people (of whatever type) who share those desires and preferences. It’s an emergent, self-organising, self-selecting system. If you really, genuinely want to change that (and frankly the only reason these things aren’t a constant issue in gaming is because most gamers are already progressive and inclusive so don’t even see these things as issues) then you have to get off your arse and make the change yourself.

If you feel EXcluded don’t expect to feel INcluded until you’re part of the creative process. Until you’re making games.

If there’s nothing out there you like, get off your fat, lazy arse and make something. Leverage the power of the internet, PDF and PoD to get your vision out there. What are you afraid of? Becoming a laughing stock? If your ideas are valid and can bring people into gaming, if you think you can appeal to a new audience (despite the same lack of budget etc as the rest of us, fucking GO FOR IT!

I did.

Topics that interest me are religion/atheism, politics, mental illness, sex-positivism and various obscure corners of genre fiction. I write what the bloody-hell I want (when I’m not freelancing) and so can you.

I’ll go you one better. You bring your idea to me and if I think it’s a good game – AND ON NO OTHER CRITERION – I’ll help you get it to press. 50/50 split after costs are covered. I’ll do most of the grunt work once there’s a manuscript, including art direction if you don’t want to handle that and the costs of it yourself. I don’t care if your game is about hermaphroditic Doug Winger-style chibi ponies that fight crime with mystical sex orgies so long as it’s a good, playable game.

I’ll go you even better than that, I’ll advise and help along the process – as time permits.

Even if you don’t want to do it WITH me, I’ll share my knowledge and experience of self-publishing RPGs to help you get going.

Shit, if you want to write something for one of MY games I’ll probably go for it. Maybe you want to write a version of Ace of Hearts that’s about eunuchs, or a ’45 adventure about a homosexual anthro-mutant biker gang. Maybe you want to commission a Yaoi set for Hentacle or an adventure about smashing patriarchy for @ctiv8. So long as its good, I don’t care

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
– as that lovable old paedo Gandhi once said.

That is, if you want to see inclusive games that address your issues and make you feel included, write them. If you want to see a lot of hurtful, divisive arguments and whining… well, that option’s open too.

Yes, I’m being abrasive, but I’m pissed off at this nonsense dragging on. The offers are genuine.

Yes, I’m sweary, I’m British, damn it. Deal.

Nothing Fails Like Success

I was not expecting Agents of SWING to be quite so popular or to catch on as well as it has. I am… surprised, in a good way, but it presents me with something of a problem. Usually I finish up one project and I’m on to the next thing pretty much straight away. If I come back to give a game support it’s because I want to or because I want to have fun in returning to an old game/ideas. I’ve already planned expansions for SWING but these I was going to come back to after some time. It seems like that might be a mistake this time as there’s some impetus and ‘oomph’ behind SWING that should be supported and ‘cashed in on’, to show that support earlier on.

Problem is, I have three big projects on already at the moment and my spare time is only going to be usable for personal gaming projects and the odd short release. I have to devote time to these bigger projects as they’re all great, potential, break-out projects with as much potentially going for them as SWING does – or more.

So, what can I do?

I’ve got a budget of, perhaps, $250 for small $4.99 supplements. I have the content/form planned out but with $100 to pay a writer and $150 to pay an artist for 10 or so small illustrations it’s going to be hard to find people willing to contribute. $100 gets you, absolute maximum, 10k words which ain’t really going to do it. I could lower the illustrations – SWING has a nice, minimalist, design aesthetic at the moment – but it’s still going to be tricky to get enough words done for the price unless I do it myself.

I’d rather do it myself and the other problem is that I’d rather get Brad McDevitt to do the art – so it’s consistent across the game. He’s busy, I’m busy, it’s just bad timing all around.

I don’t really know what to do here.

Anyone got any ideas to help me out? 🙂

Autopsy 3: Violence

I’m planning to sort of resurrect my Autopsy magazine from its languishing hellhole. The next issue was touted to be about violence and I’m looking for contributors.

Autopsy is meant to be a fairly serious and adult/controverial examination of RPGs as much as it will become a house organ for Postmortem Studios following this issue so I’m interested in intelligent, adult, literate viewpoints. I can’t pay much – the eternal cry of the indie publisher – but I am willing to pay a little bit, $5 or so, for a thousand words plus on violence in RPGs if anyone cares to contribute.

Let me know what you might want to write about and I’ll see if it works. If you want to write something that’s relevant to my games, all the better. This is a place you can let loose without much fear about censorship.

Ideally I’d like someone to talk about the New Type games of the late 90s a little, with special reference to Power Kill and Violence. Otherwise it’s an open field.



Artist Sought

I’m looking for a pixel artist or a cartoon-capable artist to produce 5-10 small pieces for the new, pocket-edition of Invaderz. This needs to be a very fast turnaround and I’m offering $50-100 depending on the number of pieces agreed upon and otherwise all my standard caveats and agreements stand*

*You retain full right of resale and reuse of the art.

November Newsletter

Postmortem Banner

It’s November and in England that means two things. Fireworks and conventions! (Hopefully not at the same time).


We’ll be at Indiecon and Dragonmeet in November, running a few demo games and selling lots of hardcopies of our products just in time for Christmas. Leftover convention stock will be available for those who want to order it directly from me after these conventions and details will be forthcoming on our website. You’ll also, soon, be able to get an updated and art-infested version of 100 Science Fiction Adventure Seeds, published in partnership with Cubicle 7 Entertainment. While you’re checking out print products, be sure to look up Origins of the Specious, a gamer’s humour book and compilation published under the Flaming Cobra imprint with Mongoose Publishing.


This last month was ‘Schlocktoberfest’ for Postmortem Studios and saw discounted PDF products across our horror and other ‘gross out’ and B-movie type products. We also released a number of new items including:

Several Freakshow products for Blood! OGL Modern and MRQ (BloodQuest) as well as the demo adventure from last year’s Indiecon, Blood Tales: The End.

The Art of Hentacle (Adult product!)

The Art of Final Straw (Violent product!)

And some new ZelArt.

If you’re looking for images to spice up your games or to publish your own, be sure and check out our extensive library of stock art by Industry Veteran Brad McDevitt and by newcomers Zel and Toby.

This month will be concentrated largely on freelancing and preparation for the two conventions, but we hope to start work on Agents of SWING, a FATE powered mash-up of 1960s and 1970s spy TV and films. If there’s time a rough draft and a demo adventure may be ready for Indiecon and – if so – will be turned into a special preview product that you’ll be able to download in Christmas or the new year. Otherwise you can expect more Freakshows, more stock art and – perhaps – the companion volume to 100 Conspiracies, 100 Conspirators.


We appreciate feedback and friendship here at Postmortem Studios, so if you want to follow us or communicate here are some of the many ways you can do so:



Lastly I’d like to make you aware of a couple of opportunities we have going. These are strictly volunteer positions but we’re looking for people to help with raising awareness of our products online and with running demo games at conventions. There’s no money, unfortunately, but there would be free products, PDF and print, and possibly t-shirts once a helper-monkey design has been settled upon. Please e-mail to above link if you’re interested in helping out in either capacity. We’re particularly interested in talking to people about running games at US, Australian and Irish conventions.

Thanks for your patronage in the past and hopefully more of it going into the future. Let us know what YOU want to see more of or what you’d like to see us develop. You never know, it might actually happen!

Helper Monkey Required: Publicity

I tweeted something about this as a bit of a joke but got a couple of semi-serious enquiries, believe it or not… so what the hell, let’s see if anyone’s a big enough mug.Job Title: Publicity/Sales Helper Monkey

Job Description: As my publicity/sales helper monkey you would make the world aware of new Postmortem Studios products, sales, convention appearances and other information thereby boosting the profile of the company and increasing sales. You would be a presence in social media and forums and provide feedback to me about discussions etc as well.

Requirements: Knowledge and enthusiasm for most – if not all – Postmortem Studios products, involvement in social media and understanding of the technology, preferably UK or US, good command of English, basic HTML and BBCode. Preferably already using Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and with forum accounts at major RPG forums – or be willing to make them.

Duties: Take announcements, work them into nice posts and spread them around the internet, provide feedback and promote the company. This should take a handful of hours every week during busy weeks, otherwise it might be much less, depending on workload and output here.

Payment: Hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahaha. No, even if things weren’t as tight as they are lately this would still be a volunteer position. However, you can have free PDF product and if you do well and stick at it, after a couple of months we can see if something more might be offered, done.

Apply HERE