Agents of SWING: DDT (By Ian Warner)





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The Department of Dirty Tricks (DDT)

Agents of swing villains by Ian Warner


“Good men do bad things so you can sleep safely at night.”

Throughout history governments have used deniable organisations to perform morally dubious operations. For all their claims of being better than their enemies there is no Government on Earth today that has not authorised at least one of these “Black Operations.”

As awesome as SWING are at keeping the world safe they do have some standards and lines they will not cross.

The idea of an international deniable asset that deals with dirty work for the good of mankind in general is at least as old as SWING but the history of the Department of Dirty Tricks (unfortunately abbreviated to DDT) is even more shrouded in secrecy by its very nature.

Even the cheerfully informal SWING is a lot better organised and laid out in hierarchical terms than the chaotic mesh of the DDT.

There are rumours of a connection between the two organisations some even going so far as to suggest the DDT is the legendary Section 13. Any Agent who investigates into the connection however doesn’t get far before “accidentally shooting themselves with a gun they were never issued with.” 

The DDT are supposed to be completely deniable so they are unlikely to co operate with SWING operations. However they can become a threat when their operatives go rogue which considering the nature of their operations is more than likely.

The problem is SWING tends to find itself chasing shadows when fighting off the DDTs excesses. Worst still it brews resentment between the two organisations that may well one day spill over into outright war.

SWING may have the numbers advantage but the DDT is full of some of the nastiest murderers, terrorists and criminals in the business.

Good luck Agents!

Scale: Small: Exact numbers are unknown but there are only a few hundred DDT Operatives at most.
Scope: Global: Despite being small these guys really are everywhere. Worst still they could be anyone too.
Arenas: Intelligence, Terrorism, Crime, Law Enforcement, Science, Medicine.
Aspects: We Don’t Exist, Morally Bankrupt
Skills: Secrecy +4 (Neat), Assassination and Information +2 (Hip)
Physical Stress: 5
Composure Stress: 5  
Social Stress: 5

Operative Stockhausen
“If I had wanted to kill your child I’d have just shot her and dumped her in the swimming pool. Consider this a warning. Get Wilson to call me.” 

There is no definite leader of the DDT but its most notorious member is both the main contact and the best field agent.

He appears in his late 60s but he has the vigour, resilience and dexterity of a 20 year old. There may well be something pseudoscientific or supernatural behind this but nobody has ever got close enough to find out.

He appears extremely calm and composed and even in the heat of combat barely bats an eyelid. The “classic secret agent” look of the long coat and trilby hat only serves to accentuate this creepy stoicism to the point where he is almost like an evil ghost Dick Tracy.

Little is known of his background: It is suspected even his name is false. Mossad has a Stockhausen on its list of wanted war criminals but it is unlikely that this is the same one. His old Etonion accent is one of the few things about him that isn’t false.

Name: Classified: Stockhausen is used for convenience.
Concept: Cold killer in a trilby
Aspects: A Man With A Mission, Unscrupulous, “Who are you supposed to be Granddad?”, “Come and Get me You Old Git”, Perfect Murderer, Right Place Right Time, Plays All Sides, Always Armed

+8 (Out of Sight): Fists, Guns, Melee
+ 4 (Neat): Endurance, Intimidation, Resolve, Stealth

Postmortem? This Man is Alive! (Unique): Provided his head hasn’t been completely obliterated Stockhausen can come back from the dead 4 hours after having died by spending a FATE Point.
Army of One: Enemies do not get a ganging up bonus.
Cool Hand: No penalties for shaky hands.
Accidentally Killed Himself while cleaning his Gun (Unique): Stockhausen can spend a FATE Point to rig any Murder he commits to look like a suicide.       

Stress Thresholds
Physical: 7
Composure: 7
Social: 5 

Silenced Pistol +2, Garrotte -1 (Escalates)  

Other Agents
When you fight the DDT you will not be mowing down goons in brightly coloured jumpsuits. You will be playing cat and mouse with Operatives every bit as competent as the average SWING Agent. Hell if the rumours about Stockhausen are true the DDT may even put you up against the dark side of your own personality grafted into a clone or robot body!