Agents of SWING: Snake Eyes – RELEASED!

An adventure for Agents of SWING that takes your intrepid secret agents from smoky rooms in London to the sapphire seas of the Caribbean and to the den of sin and iniquity that is Vegas. Hot on the trail of a villainous organisation known only as COIL.

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Agents of SWING: Ian makes an ersatz Randall and Hopkirk





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Just started reading Agents of SWING and I thought I’d have a bash at a couple of weird 70s Detective Characters that sort of fit and were conspicuously absent from the SWINGers Chapter.

To be fair Randall and Hopkirk Deceased is a little obscure even with the contemporary remake with Reeves and Mortimer. It is the Remake I’m most familiar with but it is an entirely different animal from the original where there was a rational explanation for everything except Marty’s Ghost. I’ve kind of played with the theme with these two and the most interesting part of both Jeff Randalls and Genie Hursts have been incorporated in John Rudolph and Ginny Holt. 


Name: John Rudolph
Concept: Haunted PI
Section: 5 (Crime)
Section: Chain Smoker
Past: Will they, won’t they? (Ginny Holt)
Cover: Another woman in a red dress? Seriously?
Others: “I Keep Seeing Barry but he’s dead,” Lack of Self Confidence, Romantic at Heart, Devout Sceptic, Why not murder, suspense, intrigue and… helicopters?   

Out Of Sight (+8): Investigation
Solid (+3): Rapport, Stealth,  
Cool (+1): Guns, Fists, Deceit, Empathy, Drive, Mysteries 

Blather: Spend a FATE to reroll a lie with a +1 bonus.
Danger Sense: Immediate action with +2 Defence when Ambushed.
Infuriate: +2 bonus to Riling Opponents.
Take it All In: Spend a FATE to gain all information about a crime scene

Makarov Handgun +2, Beaten up 4 Seated BWM (-1 to Drive as “Barry” complains how he can’t drive the thing)

Points: 6
Refresh: 6

Stress Thresholds
Physical: 5
Composure: 5
Social: 5

Before his business partner Barry Hopdike died in a car accident John Rudolph was just one of hundreds of small time private dicks snapping saucy photos for divorce cases. He was happy with this but his annoyingly extrovert partner was keen to be the sort of private eye he saw in the Saturday Morning Pictures as a child. John was convinced Barry was the better detective so he just took his word for it.

His death was bitter blow, particularly as he found out about it dressed up in his tux preparing to act as best man at Barry’s wedding to his long time friend Ginny. More on her later…

Drowning his sorrows with a bottle of Whisky he suddenly found himself talking to Barry. He could see him clear as day standing in a stupid white suit. He said that he had chosen to appear to him to help him solve his murder.

John has always been a devout sceptic but he found himself being taken in by his old friend and started to look in to the hastily closed case. His discovery of the real culprit began a meteoric rise to national acclaim and the sort of cases Barry was always telling him they should have.

Meanwhile he persuaded Ginny to join the firm as the new partner though both thought it best to keep Barry’s name on the door. John has always been fond of Ginny but has never had the guts to say anything and now he has her dead fiancée’s ghost buzzing about things are tricky.

That’s the thing though, he doesn’t. When SWING called him to Section 5 and he discovered the existence of Section 8 and the supernatural he mentioned Barry’s ghost to Uncle in confidence. Uncle had his top experts check John out and they came to the conclusion that “Barry” was a manifestation of John’s subconscious. He had always been an investigative genius he was just in the shadow of a complete twat and totally un-ambitious.

Uncle was most amused by this report but rather than shatter the promising detective’s delusions about his deceased friend he promptly shredded it. He fobbed John off with some explanation about Crime being the best department for “both of them.” He also invited him to recruit that “pretty young partner” of his. Just what he needs!

Name: Ginny Holt
Concept: Posh Kung Fu Widow
Section: 9 Specialists
Section: “Now to deal with that bitch who kicked me in the head”
Past: Will they Won’t they? (John Rudolph)
Cover: Pointing out the Blinking Obvious
Others: Looks Sexy in Anything, Not a Typical Blonde, Hot Tempered, No Weapons, Polite warning before she kicks you in the head 

Out Of Sight (+8): Fists
Solid (+3): Rapport, Social Standing
Hip (+2): Empathy, Driving 

Black Widow: +2 to seduce correct gender preference.
Respect: +1 Social Stress Threshold
Signature Strike (Flying Kick to the Head): +1 Consequence in addition to Stress Damage.
Unruffled: Appearance never affected by activity, may run in impractical clothing.

Voluminous Wardrobe of Outfits +3

Points: 6
Refresh: 6

Stress Thresholds
Physical: 5
Composure: 5
Social: 9

Ginny Holt is not your typical public schoolgirl damsel in distress. In fact if anyone is in distress it’s the bugger who chooses to mess with her.

Somehow in her posh sheltered upbringing she has become a deadly martial artist as well as a competent socialite. Of course this meant only one possible career.

A waitress…

Ummm yeah…

Anyway that’s how she met John and later his business partner Barry. She always thought John was sweet but was far more attracted to the blustering Barry. 

She always thought she’d be left standing at the altar…

But not by a dead man! Anyhow she kept her typical upper class resolve until a particularly customer at the restaurant made her completely lose control in a tragic-comic outburst that involved shoving a plate of smoked salmon down his trousers!

John was very understanding of what she was going through having lost his best friend too. He invited to her to join his now, rising star of an agency as the new partner though out of respect to the fallen “great detective” she wouldn’t get her name on the door.

Her feelings toward John are just as complicated as his toward her but neither of them realise it.

She has been brought into SWING but has ended up in Section 9 as her skills are more in line with specialism than crime fighting. She does end up working a lot with John though. Oh joy!

Agents of SWING: COIL

The new adventure, SNAKE EYES introduces a new enemy organisation called COIL.
If you want to use COIL in your own games, here are their organisational details:

COIL – Capital Oligarch International League

Scale: 3 Medium
Scope: 3 Regional: First World Nations (Europe, North America, Pacific Rim)
Aspects:Hidden From Sight, Rich Beyond Dreams of Avarice, Mercantile.

Influence: First World Nations +1 (Elsewhere-1)
Information: First World Nations +1 (Elsewhere -1)
Resources: +7
Diplomacy: +1
Security: +1
Administration: +1

Organisation Physical Stress: OOOOOOO
Organisation Composure Stress: OOOOOOOOOO
Social Stress: OOOOO