Courtesans: Cads & Bounders

Why should ladies be the only ones to gold-dig and exploit people? There’s a whole lot of ‘gentlemen’ who can gold-dig, work as ‘escorts’ or can simply prey upon the emotions and needs of wealthy widows, spinsters, career women and others who are keen on getting a little male attention. Ladies will buy their gentleman callers presents of course, but to truly  make a mint from a lady friend a ‘gentleman’ must make up a series of woes or excuses as to why he needs money. It’s a little more subtle and cruel than what courtesans do but is, really, essentially, the same thing.


  • Obviously, the characters are going to be male – or at least mostly male.
  • Use the male (admirer) physical attributes rather than the female ones for the characters.
  • Professions: Actress = Entertainer. Professional = Gigolo. Fallen Lady = Gentleman Bastard. Schemer = Schemer. Goldenheart = Philanthropist. Upstart = Blackguard.
  • Instead of a ‘House’ you have a ‘Club’ where the gentlemen meet to compare notes.
  • Instead of a Landlady you have a ‘Mentor’.
  • Admirers become ‘Lady friends’.
  • Archetypes: Fop = Bon Vivant. Saviour = Soft Heart. Student = Naif. Lover = Romantic.
  • Occupations: Keep any that seem like they work, otherwise the lady friend is a ‘widow of’ or a ‘wife of’ the rolled occupation.
  • Rather than the Cyprian Ball the ‘season’ ends with Pan’s Feast, a great dinner at the club which is the one time only that women are allowed on the premises and gentlemen compare their conquests and enter into drunken debauchery.

This makes for a bit more of a cruel – but comedic – game even more farcical than a normal game of Courtesans. For pointers you might want to watch films of the 30s-50s and even the Carry On films for the right sort of nonsensical.